Life’s lessons…..

Sometimes all you can do is hang in there....

Imagine trying to learn how to tie your shoe laces up when you are only one..not going to happen. Somehow there comes an age where things just become possible, where the penny drops. Magically something that seemed totally beyond you  just clicks.  It doesn’t even matter if someone is giving you wonderful advice if your not ready to get it…..Have you ever said “Why didn’t I listen”  Ouch ……. I know I have.
I think life lessons are the same……..something that makes no sense at 20 makes perfect sense at 40… this what they call wisdom?  I suppose it’s like going to school…you can’t learn 12 years of school in 1 year, even though most teeenagers would have you believe they know it all, already. I love that as I have aged things have started to make sense…………some things still make no sense at all to me: how does wireless internet work????? why fruit and vegies are still 1.99 per kilo or 2.99 per kilo when we have not had 1c pieces forever???? and why in the heck does chocolate taste so damn good if it is bad for us?????  I figure it is ok not to get stuff and that when the time is right and when we are ready to learn we
will. I think we all need to be open to lessons and not to beat ourselves up for those lessons that are hard to get………….we all have so much to learn and a life time to learn it in.

I look forward to all the stuff I have to learn and the different stages to go through to get there.

What are some of your favourite life’s lessons?????


One response to “Life’s lessons…..

  1. This morning I learn’t two very valuable life lessons.
    One was one of those…. “Derrrr why did I not think of this earlier???????” and the other was an instant…”Never do that again lesson”. Okay…I shall share:
    1. I keep my toothbrush on a cupboard shelf near my hair brush. This morning for the umpteenth time as I brushed my teeth, I got a hair from my hairbrush in my mouth…..YUK! Finally…it clicked…don’t keep your hair brush and tooth brush next to each other. Why did I not think of this earlier???
    2. My teenage son is very difficult to wake up every morning….this morning, in the darkness I went into his room and gently tapped him to wake him up….I thought I was tapping his leg…….OH NO!!!!!! I was tapping an area that no mother should ever tap….I said it was dark!!!!! Needless to say he woke up. Of course that was the “Never do that again” lesson. Not all lessons are life shattering…but they all count…..What lessons have you learn’t recently?

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