Forgiveness……allows us to move on……

Sometimes we just need to bury our differences...

Sometimes we just need to bury our differences...

Recently in the news famous Aussie celeb Danni Minogue made headlines by posting a Tweet about forgiveness….It read something like…
Forgiveness is not forgetting but letting go of the anger………. So true… you know how long it took me to get this one and to be able to put it into practice??……….
A long time.  Imagine every resentment as a big heavy sack that you are dragging around……How many can you carry????????
I used to think that you had to try to forget the issue. We don’t have to forget but we must try to let go of the hurt and the anger.  We must
try to put down that sack that is weighing us down and move on.  Ever heard that saying “Build a bridge and get over it….” it is true.  Now I know
some things are much harder to forgive….but just think of it this way….

Forgiveness is not something that you do for others but something that you do for yourself to be well and to move on.
When you hold onto anger it is like holding onto a burning log……guess who is getting burnt???…YOU! NOT the person you can’t forgive.

There are many ways to do this………. Literally throw it away…into a river; beach etc. Burn it. Write it all down and get it out and throw it away. Whatever works best for you? Now I know that this falls into the category of easier said than done lesson and your right…..but sometimes the hardest lessons are the most powerful and life changing. What has helped you forgive? Please let me know….we need all the tips we can get…..


2 responses to “Forgiveness……allows us to move on……

  1. To forgive is the key, to forget is to fall into the same situation again. So never forget but realise we are all human and therefore can and will make mistakes. Learn from the experience and then move forward whilst only glimpsing back over your shoulder occasionally.

    So too you should let go of resentment. Like a bag of stones, slowly drop one after the other and the load you carry through life will be easier with each step forward.

    See each other clearly but occasionally put on your rose coloured glasses and see the world in a better light. Forgive others for their humanity, whilst always believing that intrinsically most people are good, kind and willing friends.

  2. Love your words Denise!!! So well said…………….Foregiveness is definitely a large part of happiness and surely happiness is what we all want for oursleves and others. Thanks for your inspiring words……keep them coming.

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