Catastrophe scale…..?????

What makes you think I'm stressed?????

What makes you think I'm stressed?????

Have you ever heard of a “Catastrophe scale”?………  This is a lesson passed on to me from a much loved family member… not Granny…not even my Mum….actually this one was taught to me by my daughter many years ago.  They learn’t about it at primary school……gee they teach some great stuff these days.  The children had to think of problems and put them on a scale.  1 being minor…..for example…Loosing $1.00 and  10 being something catastrophic for example a Tsunami.  When a problem or something stressful happened they were taught to think about where it would sit on the catastrophe scale………I think this puts things into perspective, sort of slaps you in the face and says “Wake up”…”Life is okay”.  Most problems seem minor if you compare them to a disaster. Be real about your worries……are you creating them? Are you exaggerating them?  Are you assuming what other people think?  If you just met someone that had just lived through a Tsunami, would your problems seem relevant or worthy.  Be real, calm down, breath and look at ways to resolve or move on from your stress/issue.

How do you de- stress? Let us know? Remember a problem shared is a problem halved!!!!!!!!

6 responses to “Catastrophe scale…..?????

  1. Michelle – this is a a really good post and was put into perspective for me last week after watching megacities. To see people living in slums on top of one another without clean water, toileting or even beds to lay down on I had a renewed sense of Thankfulness and a deep sense of “what on earth have I got to complain about” I became really grateful for everything in my life…the abundance of food, clean water, warm home, job, money and freedom to travel. Gosh I/We have so much in this country to be grateful for and when you put it like this on a scale – our troubles are soooooo minor compared to what some people in the world are living with every day. I am also very aware that there are many people in Australia who are homeless, starving, cold, alone and suffering – people who are facing a 10 on the stress scale – when mine, at the moment, are only a 1 or 2. Thankyou for reminding me to stop – stay calm and think about what is important 🙂

  2. It really makes you think, doesn’t it. I think we almost need to re read this one every month to remind of of how lucky we are…..we read it, know it is true and 3 weeks later are back in that same place of burying ourselves under our list of worries………..Let’s make a pact to remind ourselves of this at the start of every month!!! I shall pop it in my mental calendar…if I forget one of you lovely bloggers can remind me…

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  4. I so agree. Stress can kill you! On a light side, I love that little kitty and all your pictures 🙂

  5. Thanks Michele! Love that you have popped by.

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