Laughter is the best medicine….

Rolling on the floor laughing......

Rolling on the floor laughing......

Laughter is deifinitely the best medicine. Today I had a “ROLF” and “LOL” ……….What the you say?????? This is teenager text talk for “Rolling on floor laughing, ROLF” and “Laugh out loud, LOL”.   When was the last time you laughed out loud???  Did you realize that when you laugh not only are you in the moment, stress free and happy as a pig in mud but you are also releasing natures antihistamines/antibiotics/tranquilizers and pain relievers?????????? Who would have guessed that having a Belly laugh could actually boost your immune system???

What makes you laugh out loud??????? A favourite movie; a favourite television show; a funny book; a friends jokes; your workmates; a lighthearted friend; your kids; your funny pet???? What ever it is make sure you do it as often as possible.  If you are feeling flat pop on your favourite funny movie, phone or visit that friend that makes you giggle.  If you don’t have a favourite funny show; book etc make it your mission to find some……You can do it!!!!

What makes you laugh????????? Let me know??????

2 responses to “Laughter is the best medicine….

  1. You make me laugh Mrs Sidebottom!!!! Putting on a Friends disc always makes our family laugh……and out loud!!

    • Hey Lizzy….you make me laugh!!! You are my all time favourite joke teller. Your naughty little jokes have had me laughing so much that I cry, I can’t breath and so much so that a little bit of wee has come out on occassions!!!!!!!!
      My favourite “Friends” laugh out loud moment is when Ross gets a fake tan….I was crying watching it. I am also a Seinfield fan and my favourite Aussie funnies were the early Kath and Kims and Summer Heights High……very clever with lots of laugh out loud moments.
      Hey Lizzie….and everyone else out there…what is you fav funny movie???? Mrs Doubtfire and Night at a Museum were two oldies but goodies for me…………

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