Preparation is better than perspiration…….

  • Got the where did I put those bloody car keys????

    What’s a typical morning in your house? Screaming, yelling, piece of
    toast in one hand, searching for car keys and looking for that other bloody shoe, racing out the door stressed and in a sweat?????
    Or organised, smooth, everyone knows their jobs, car keys hanging on the car key hook and leaving the house kissing the hubby,
    patting the dog and looking forward to the day?????  Don’t know about you but I know which one I’d pick to start my day.  Why create stress when 10 minutes the night before arranging a few things
    or getting a routine going will solve all of that drama?
    Same goes for any time of the day when you feel the chaos tornado might strike. Preparation is better than perspiration.
    What things can you do to prepare to be more organised???  What works for you??  Some starting tips: have a place for things
    e.g. car keys and school notes; get out clothes/school uniforms the night before; have a shopping list and use it; pack school bags/
    handbag/briefcase the night before; have lunch made and in the fridge…Are you organised???? Could you do better??? What works for you??????????????? Let us know….give us some tips???


4 responses to “Preparation is better than perspiration…….

  1. Lizzy Maguire

    Some days preparation and some days persperation!!! I love a good preparation day as everything goes along smoothly but those persperation days are like the domino effect and you just don’t seem to catch up!! How come we are so organised in work yet so “I’ll do it later” in our personal lives????? I know I am 😦 I have found that if you get up at least half an hour earlier than you normally would, you will have to do no preparation and there will be no persperation!!! Try it 🙂

  2. Your right Lizzy…..the other morning I awoke to the alarm got up and raced around only to find that my dear hubby had the alarm set for 30 minutes earlier than usual…what to do, I asked myself????…I got a load of laundry done, the dishes done, some clothes folded, some internet banking done, checked my emails…….I felt like freakin SUPERWOMAN!!!! Another tip from me is to menu plan for the week…….I make a list, shop accordingly and stick to it…..I only think about it once a week, when I plan it, and from then on all I have do is look at my list, (oh yes, okay I have to cook it too) ….no stress. It really helps with shopping and I find there is far less waste.

    Come on fellow readers……we need more tips!!!!! Think how marvellous we can be if you all gave us a tip or two?????????

  3. Julianne Wilde

    I know this sounds bizarre, but I think I become more organized when I am really really busy… it’s like I know I have to get things done straight away as I will have no time later. But when I think I have time, I say to myself, I will do that later…. and of course get behind !!! crazy I know….. Having said all that, I most often wish that I was more organized and in fact I am mainly talking in my home / personal life. I am hearing you Lizzie when you say that we can be so organized at/ in work but struggle in personal lives. My main reason for wanting complete order is I feel I would not waste so much energy on thinking about how to be organized!!!

    • Spot on Julianne…that makes me think of that old saying “if you want something done ask a busy person to do it”……when we have time we tend to procrastinate but when we are busy we choof along like little steam trains. Being unorganized can give you that feeling that things are getting on top of you, like you are juggling (and droppping) 20 balls at once. I guess the trick is to be organised but to be flexible as well….I think that being too organised or rigid can be just as limiting as being completely unorganised…… I suppose it comes down to finding the right balance???? Some days are definitely more balanced than others.

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