What energy do you bring into your relationships???

I bring happiness....

I bring happiness....

Are you mindful of what you bring to all relationships??……Recently I saw the last Oprah show………..along with millions of others. One of the segments really hit home. Oprah spoke of what energy you bring into the room… relationships, work etc. Years ago she had met an inspirational guest, a psychologist, who had been in a hospital in a coma. Even though this lady could not speak or move when she was in the coma, she was very conscious of her surroundings. She was aware that when some people visited or treated  her that they were kind, loving and respectful but she was also aware that some were dismissive, uncaring and did not treat her as a person. Her healing was definitely aided by care and love. When she awoke she was able to tell people that they had a presence and that they should be aware and responsible for what energy they bring to situations. What energy do you bring to those around you?………….are you friendly?….are you kind?….are you positive?…are you productive?…..are you easy to be around? Oprah then made it a rule in her life and workplace for people to be conscious of what energy they brought into the room with them.  What energy/feeling do you bring to your relationships: family;  work;  friends and strangers??? Be responsible for the energy you bring into each and every room…………Makes you think?????

2 responses to “What energy do you bring into your relationships???

  1. I particularly liked this topic, as it makes you realise that you are what you do. And you can do anything – good – and not so good. Everything is by chioce.
    This brings me to some wonderful sayings I recently stumbled accross –
    We do not stop playing because we grow old..
    We grow old because we stop playing.
    Watch your thoughts-
    They become your words.
    Watch your words-
    they become actions.
    Watch your actions-
    They become habits.
    Watch your habits-
    They become your character.
    Watch your character-
    It becomes your destiny.

  2. Your words are so true Kerrie, everyone has heard the words “you are what you eat” but really we ARE what we: eat; say; think; feel and do. I think we all know what it feels like to make great choices and also what it feels like to make crap ones……I suppose as long as we keep learning; keep playing and being positive, life tends to be pretty grand.
    The second quote is one that I too stumbled across recently… I made it part of the “Piggy Code of Conduct” for this blog so that we can all remember to respect each other’s individuality and be accepting, kind and understanding in our comments and sharing……………………they are also a fantastic words to live by. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts……..

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