What do you believe about yourself???????

I believe that I am a lion!!!!!

I believe that I am a lion!!!!!

Have you heard the saying “What you believe about yourself is what you become?”I suppose than the question to ask ourselves is what  do we truly believe about ourselves??
I would like to say that I fully believe that I am smart; gorgeous;  confident and totally awesome but that is not what the little voice inside my head says. Now we all believe that we have some positives  but I have a sneaky suspicion that many of us probably have a bigger list of negatives.
SO what can we do……………Now is time to get really honest here and make a list of the  positive and negative beliefs about yourself………..this is not a list of
what you want to be or what you think you should be, this is a list of what you truly believe about yourself, warts and all.  Now these things may not be true
but as long as you believe them you will become them….You may think….I
am a bit lazy…….I am messy…….I am unfit…..I am not smart enough…..etc I am sure your list will be long and you have probably held onto it for many years. Take a couple of days to do this list, no need to rush it. The trick, I suppose is to recognise our negative self talk and to slowly but surely change them to real truths and watch your new beliefs become you and your reality. Remember that they thought the earth was flat…..let the facts speak for themselves.
If a friend came to you and told you a list of their self doubts you would set them straight and point out their good points……be a friend to yourself
and point out those positives.  Make a choice to believe in yourself.

4 responses to “What do you believe about yourself???????

  1. You are smart and you are gorgeous. I look forward to our walks when we are able to catch up. You are a shining light and help me see the other side to whatever my isues at the time are. THANKYOU

  2. Right back at you!!! Believe in yourself, because I believe in you and all that you can do! If I told you that I could not do something or that I doubted myself in some way, you would be the first to tell me that I was capable, confident and that I could do what ever I set my mind too…….so treat yourself as a best friend and tell yourself the same! Thanks for commenting…see it wasn’t that bad….you did great!

  3. We sure can be so hard on ourselves. But you are right Michelle what we believe about ourselves is what we project to others and are viewed that way. On another note, you have really great earlier posts that you should repost for new people to read. They are terrific and sure will help everyone.

    • Thank you for going back in time with me. I have never thought about reposting older posts. It is amazing when you read back on the old posts and get re reminded of some important lessons. I will take and look and do some reposting. Thank you for the suggestion! XX

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