What do you believe about yourself….Part 2

I don't think so....from now on I'm standing up for myself!

I don't think so....from now on I'm standing up for myself!

Okay so after the last post hopefully you have a list of your positive and your negative beliefs.  Our positive beliefs are those that nurture and support us,
those that carry us through life feeling okay. Our negative beliefs limit us
and hold us back from the life that we were meant to live.  It is now time to challenge those limiting beliefs……we are going to be like myth busters
and knock those negative beliefs to the curb.  Pick a negative one from you list…..for example   “I am not brave or courageous” Now think of 3
occasions when you were brave,(or whatever you negative belief is),……1. My family and I picked up everything and moved to the country…….
2. I recently have taken on a new job….3. Oh yeh, I have popped out a couple of children, (ouch!). Okay so I have not dived in the ocean and wrestled a Great White Shark, I have not attempted to climb Mt Everest but in my own way I AM BRAVE……One myth BUSTED………..See it is that easy………………….move on down your list and challenge each of those limiting beliefs.   See how you go….Let us know?????????

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