10 Quirky Wintery things to be thankful for???

I am grateful for my pretend umbrella????

I am grateful for my pretend umbrella????

I was driving home from work tonight in the rain and feeling a wee bit tired at the end of a loooooooong week. I popped into my trusty car stereo a Cd that my lovely neighbour had given me as they were having a clean out.
I had this CD once, but had lost it and playing it again made me remember how much I missed it…(Norah Jones….Come away with me). How grateful was I to have this Cd back again???? Very!!! It made me think of other things that I was grateful for that had happened within the last 24 hours…….(Okay, I know that I have a weird brain!!!!!) but let’s face it, where I live it is bloody freezing,
rainy and dark by about 5pm….so I need to get creative. So here is part of my mental list: 1. Car heaters 2.Norah Jones 3.Friday knock off time 4. Arriving home to a warm house 5.A much loved family pooch greeting me with her waggly tail 6. Hubby getting up at 2am last night to a “I had a bad dream and can’t get back to sleep” call, whilst I went back to sleep 7. Changing into my pyjama pants after work 8.Hubby just popping a cup of tea next to me while I type. 9. Thinking of a big sleep in tomorrow 10. Electric blankets!  Let me know
some of your, wintery moments, grateful list……Let me know I am not alone in my Quirky thoughts????????????????

4 responses to “10 Quirky Wintery things to be thankful for???

  1. I am so grateful for rainy cold days so I can stay inside without feeling guilty…eating lots of warm comfort foods and lounging around in my comfortable chair wearing my big winter clothes that hide the results of the comfort eating. I am very thankful that I have a lovely warm home and roof over my head to protect me from the elements. I love a good movie and winter is the perfect time to indulge in movies and books and being a bit slower than usual 🙂

  2. I am hearing you…..we just had a yummy casserole followed by a self saucing pudding…Yum, yum, pigs, bum…….Only in winter!!!!!!!!! Is it called comfort food because after eating it I need to undo my jeans to feel comfortable??????

  3. Lizzy Maguire

    I am EXTREMELY grateful for pay day yesterday!!! coming home to a dog, even though it is destroying the house, warm doonas to wrap around ourselves while we watch TV, welcome chocolates RIGHT NOW!!! I am also grateful for this great blog to get us positive girls together, sharing our wisdom!!! I

  4. Pay day;chocolate; doonas…..you are speaking my language…Love them all!!!! Glad you like the blog…..the blog likes you!

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