When you walk into your house do you like what you see??

I have no idea how this mess got here????

I have no idea how this mess got here????

When you walk into your house do you like what you see??  No, I don’t mean do you see George Clooney/Halle Berry etc standing there to greet you with a cocktail in one hand and a cheeky look in their eye. I mean, is the inside of your house or each room pleasing to the eye?  Does the room make you feel relaxed and at home? Does it tell us something about you?  OR Do you cringe?  Does the cluttered, untidy look make your body tense up every time you walk in?
Maybe it is just one room, or even an area in one room or maybe more???  Now, I know we all have good days and shocking days that look like a tornado has
swept through……but we all know which ones feels way better…….  Now
for me at the moment it is school holidays and not just any holidays but the
worst ones……Winter, wet, rainy, cold school holidays.  Now what does that mean when you have 2 teenagers and you work……it means bowls that need a jack hammer to get the brekky corn flakes off them; a dining room table that looks like a sale table at the Yearly stock take sale; bedrooms that resemble rubbish dumps and as we all know we are all trying to cut those electricity costs so the lounge looks like a Chinese Laundry, with wet laundry hanging everywhere.  Now when I walk in the door after a day at work into this ……..
my entire body tenses and I feel a headache instantly come on.  Now I do exaggerate….and my children know way better than to let me walk in the door to this disaster….but it took training and gentle prodding.  Some days are better than others.  But it makes me think how much it can create
stress when we are really unorganised and how much happier we are have our
stuff together.  So I try….when I can…. to make each room look pleasing to my eye…………now I am not trying to make it pleasing for a Royal visit….been there, done that and found it consuming and just as stressful as looking at mess.  These days I am happy that I am pleased with how it looks and that it feels like home.
Are you happy with what you see?
What can you change? Is your home, homely? Does it give you peace?


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