Out of the mouths of babes……..

Hey Mum!!!! Time to play!!!!!

Hey Mum!!!! Time to play!!!!!

Sometimes life lessons come from the most unsuspecting teachers. Many of us may think that we need to seek out wise elders or gurus to teach us the wisdoms of the world, but many a lesson can be taught to us from a very surprising source……no not the Dali Lama……no not Mother Theresa,but from a cute, grubby faced little 8 year old who has just made the best mud pie ever…..that’s right our children. Is it their honesty; simplicity; humour; untainted view or could it be some of the wonderful things that they now teach them at school?  They learn to think laterally, they learn resilience, they learn about catrastophe scales (see post under stress “Catastrophe Scale”); they learn about recycling, being green and so much more…..   What things have you learn’t from young ones??

I remember my son asking me to play Lego (building blocks) with him many, many years ago.  Being a bit of an always busy, tidy freak mummy back then I was not so much playing but really tidying his blocks up, he said to me “Can you please stop tidying and just PLAY with me?” Ouch!!!! Shot down by a 4 year old. I did not think he would realise what I was doing.  I felt bad and realised that he just wanted my time, sometimes we just need to play like a child and leave our chores for another time.  This lesson is true even if there are no children about……play like a child, think like a child and laugh like a child………Life is not always to be taken so seriously.

What have young ones taught you???????

3 responses to “Out of the mouths of babes……..

  1. I remember our daughter coming home from the first week of school telling all about our “energy”. She got us to rub our hands together really quickly, then pull them slightly apart and feel the “energy” between our hands!! Do it……you really can feel it!! Anyway the teacher used this “energy” for different uses. If a child was naughty, they had “confused energy”. My daughter was friends with the most “confused energy” little boy and sometimes she would come home from school and tell us that if you play or spend too much time with a child with “confused energy”, you “energy” will get confused too!!! The teacher would tell the kids they had to eat well, sleep well and play well to have “good” energy. It was soooo cute and I asked her one day

  2. Sorry guys….Part 2!! So I asked her one day how do you get rid of the “confused energy” and she said that you needed to go to a quiet place and run your hands down your arms to shoot the “confused energy” our your finger tips!!! This “energy” talk worked for about 2 years….so if you have a little one, try using this method!!!

  3. Hey Lizzie, I love it! I can just imagine a bunch of little kids trying to shoot confused energy out their fingers like Harry Potter shooting sparks out of his wand. I think alot of teachers now are looking at a more holistic way of teaching and are trying to help our kids, not only learn, but to try to become happy little humans.

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