When all else fails……Focus On Gratitude!!!!

Okay I am stuck, but I am grateful that I can have a rest and that it is not raining!

Okay I am stuck, but I am grateful that I can have a rest and that it is not raining!

Do you know how to clear the fog?  Do you have days where your feel flat, low and feel down on yourself?
You may be really tired, coming down with something, overstretched, things aren’t going your way or just feeling plain crappy. I call it feeling “foggy”.  Like a
negative haze has come over you. It is like we need something to slap us on the
face and drag us out of it.  A simple way to try and turn our frown upside down is to Focus on Gratitude…..funnily enough that translates to F.O.G. When things get rough turn your focus to things you are grateful for.
Ironically to clear our foggy mind we need to think FOG!!!! Focus On Gratitude   Any time those sneaky negative thoughts creep in slam them in the
face with some FOG.  After awhile you will forget that you felt yuck…failing that I suggest take a nap or a walk or whatever works for you!   You know that old saying ” when one door closes another ones opens”…..well guess what….. you will not see a new door if you just keep standing there looking at the old shut door, change your focus and look for new doors…..focus on the good and be grateful for all you have…..don’t dwell on what you don’t have.  There is always a light at the end of the tunnel. Let me know how you go????

2 responses to “When all else fails……Focus On Gratitude!!!!

  1. Lizzy Maguire

    I agree………When one door closes another opens and if the “fog” is hanging around………..try putting on a fan perhaps!!! About 6 years ago I asked how someone was and they replied “Fantastic!” I was taken back and thought why is this man so happy?? He said that he always said great words when asked how he was and it actually made him feel good! So I have now been doing this since and it actually works and may keep you away from the “fog”.

  2. True Lizzy, I work with a man who has survived cancer and lost his wife to cancer…every morning I say “Good morning..How are you?” and every day he says “if I am here than I am fantastic!”….and you know what???…I know that he means it. He has survived and sees everyday as a gift! So should we all……

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