Are you looking after yourself?????

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

My body is my temple....yummy...yummy!!!

Do you say health is important to you but live as though you have a replacement body waiting on the side lines that you think you can use when this one wears out?  Be honest???  Do you say you should exercise but have no time? Do you say that you should eat less but eat more?? Do you indulge in anything too much???  Hey we all do it….we shouldn’t beat ourselves up.  But if we say our health is important, should we not give ourselves some self respect and try to make ourselves a priority. I am not suggesting that we become gym junkies, raw foodaholics or tea totelers….but balance and moderation are the key.
Treat your body well and it will treat you well. What can you start doing today that will reinvigorate your health and well being???  What have you been thinking you should do but don’t??? When you go grocery shopping next what are some better choices that you can make???  Let us know what you are
going to do to get your health back on track???


10 responses to “Are you looking after yourself?????

  1. Lizzy Maguire

    Is this one for me?????? 🙂 I always spend alot of time thinking about this but that is all I do…….THINK!!!

  2. Hey Lizzie……you are no Lone Ranger with this one….we all know what we should do, but seem to think we will worry about it tommorrow or next week or next month or in Spring or when the moon aligns itself to Saturn or when we have sorted our sock drawer???? Little baby steps…a little change here and there…any change is a positive one…….Why not today make one tiny change??? I will too!

  3. OMG – I just dragged my treadmill in out of the garage and actually got up early on Monday and used it! Now that I’ve read this – I’ll be getting up early tomorrow FOR SURE!!

  4. Awesome……I must have read your mind???
    We all must be feeling the same……I took the dog for a walk 2 nights in a row…..Wahooo! Aren’t we good gals. Don’t you feel way better when you make the effort????

  5. I am abstaining from all my urges… n started the GM diet.. day 2.. cheated a little but no sugar except tea for past 2 days!!

  6. Well done Sam and welcome to our blog!!!!! I am sure you will feel way better for your wonderful efforts. Just one little question????What is a GM diet?? I am intrigued?

  7. I bought a treadmill last week, so far only 20 minutes a day but hey better than the nothing I have been doing. I have decided I am going on the “alcoholics anonymous diet” – One day at a time – no long term-hard to stick to regimes for me. Every day is a new day and just try to make healthier choices.

  8. Good one Jill….I love your approach. Let’s be friends to ourselves and not beat ourselves up. We want to be healthier and taking it one day at a time is a perfect start. If we make it all too hard, guess what it ????? it becomes all too hard???? High five to you!!!!

  9. Such a good topic ladies…..looking after ourselves…mmmm a lot of us women are soooo busy looking after everyone else that we forget ourselves….and bad habits just seem to have a way of creeping up….I am a lot like Liz on this one – I spend a lot of time THINKING about looking after myself better, I go for long walks (in my head) and I eat all the right foods (in my dreams). But after reading this blog I put thought into action and last week I walked a couple of times and was a little more conscious of what I put in my mouth. After the walks I truly did feel a bit better for moving my body off the couch and enjoying some fresh air for a change…and I agree with Jill – one day at a time – no long term overwhelming goals…so on this day I am going to just do one thing for myself 🙂

  10. We are all sooooooooooo good in our head and in our dreams……great news that you put some things into action. I agree with both you and Jill….baby steps and any change is great…..Let’s face it we are not all joining up to win Miss/Mrs Universe….let’s just all look after ourselves a little better and take a little time to smell at least a rose a day…..Thanks for your comments and keep them coming……

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