Who are you????

I just don't know who I am anymore????

I just don't know who I am anymore????

Have you lost sight of who you are?  Over the years we change to suit others, change to fit into family; school; friendships clicks; work; groups etc. Do you ever feel that you have lost pieces of yourself?
I know as a mum/dad you tend to sacrifice a lot for kids; to make a living; to merely exist.  As I get older and now have more time, I believe that a vital part of being happy is to get to know me again.  The real me, the happy as a pig in mud, me.   I remember someone asking me when my kids were both under 5 years old, “If you had a whole weekend all to yourself and by yourself, what would you do?”  My first response, with no thought at all was “SLEEP” but after that, I had no idea. How do we get back to our true self , I hear you ask? Well maybe some list making might help. Make a list: what are my favourite things? Make a bucket list,(things you’d love to do before you “kick the bucket”) What do YOU love to do?  What do YOU enjoy? What is something positive that YOU can do that always makes YOU feel better? What makes you smile? Is there a place that you go that feels really special and calming to You? Start doing things that YOU like and  love. Start hanging out with people you like and love.  Now it is important when working on this that you be honest and make these lists with only YOU in mind.  There is no point making a list of things that everyone else likes…..than it is not YOUR list. Do you remember doing something as  child/teen/young adult that you loved and have never done since??? Paint, dance, sing, read, a sport, cook……..whatever??   If something brings you joy it is the real you…..embrace it, maybe even rediscover it. Now don’t be shy…..share some of your findings with us…..we might get some great tips or even just find out that we are not alone.

2 responses to “Who are you????

  1. I have found since getting a bike for my birthday last November, that I LOVE riding!! I didn’t do it much as a kid (just to school) but it’s my new thing for me. It gives me time to just relax, think about things, enjoy the QUIET, and let the wind blow through my hair!!! I just LOVE it. So even if we do loose ourselves as we grow up, there are things in life than you can do “just for you”. Now go out and go for a ride girls 🙂

  2. Hey Lizzie….love that you love your bike…..I have vowed never to ride a bike again until they make air cushion seats…..My undercarriage some how does not suit a bike seat. Shall we be seeing Lizzie in Lycra soon??????
    I shall stick to walking……just like you I love to be out and free from the daily grind. My kids told me I should walk listening to an Ipod…..I told them the sounds of Nature are my Ipod. They think that I am weird!!!!!!!

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