Random acts of kindness

Would you like me to help you?????

Would you like me to help you?????

When was the last time you randomly, helped someone?  Do you remember that warm fuzzy feeling it gave you??  Today, I noticed an elderly lady having trouble getting out of her car and I noticed a suitcase near her car and realised it was hers.  I asked her if she needed a hand…..She said she had no idea how she was going to get the case into her car and was so grateful that I had helped her.  She felt happy and so did I.  Knowing that you have really helped someone without being asked feels good. Studies have proven that when we help others that our happiness improves.  The actual hormones that help make us happy, oxytocin is released and in turn we become happier. I suppose that saying “what you sow is what you reap” is true. Now we all know that when we are happier, we are healthier, so it is a win, win situation.  Remember a time when you did something for someone…not for guilt, ego or greed but from a genuine caring place?  It literally feels great.  It may be as simple as offering to open a door for someone or smiling and saying hello to someone that you don’t know.  It may be doing volunteer work or checking on an elderly neighbour, picking up a piece of rubbish and putting in a bin. It all helps others and wonderfully helps you too.  Try and every day do something for someone….from the heart and with love. Over the next few days be a kindness fairy and let us know how you go?  If you like it, why not make it a lifelong habit???? Please let us know some of you kindness fairy acts??????


4 responses to “Random acts of kindness

  1. I see an old man having coffee early in the morning when I take the girls to the bakery once a week. Sounds silly, but he looks lonely, the last two weeks I have smiled as a greeting and his face lit up. You’re right, it felt good. I will progress to an actual greeting this week to go with my smile!! Small things can be easy, and cost nothing, but can make both people feel good.

  2. Now I don’t know if this counts as random acts of kindness…….let me know! Whenever I am in shops, people always come up to me and ask me where things are, can I help them down items or ask me questions in general. Now I always help them so does this count??? And yes I do love the warm fuzzy feeling you get when you do approach some one who might need help and I think it pays forward too. 🙂

  3. Lizzy…helping people in shops absolutely counts. Only yesterday my daughter and I were in the supermarket when a guy we know says hello….I comment that he looks a little lost…he is looking for Glucose syrup and is totally confused….I say “come with me” and we find the glucose syrup for him……..he is wrapped, I feel nice and his wife loves him for not coming home saying…”I couldn’t find it”. I ask what he needs it for and his wife is making a special mud cake………..Now I figure that random act of kindness made quite a few people happy…..Me, him, his wife and the lucky ducks who got the mud cake. You hit the nail on the head when you say it pays forward……….it always does.

  4. Hi Melissa, Firstly, I love that you take your girls to the bakery once a week…I bet they love it. I guarentee that you have made that guys morning each time you have smiled. Imagine how he will feel when you say hello…..your right it is easy, free and makes both people feel good. When we walk down the street and random people say Hi or I say Hi my kids say who was that???? Most of the time I say…I have no idea!
    Either I look famous………( Only in my dreams) or I think I walk down the street looking happy and approachable. I think this also explains why people ask Lizzy for help in the shops…..She is a happy shopper who looks like she will help. Keep it up….I love hearing of random acts of kindness….I am feeling warm and fuzzy already!

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