What is in a word???????

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

They keep teasing me...they call me midget...

What negatives have you told yourself or  been told that you have?????
Is it that you are lazy; unhealthy; not smart enough;too loud; too quiet??? Do you believe it? Whatever you have been told or told yourself they are just words, jumbled letters.
If you were told that you were HLGYERT would you believe it, would you
be upset, would it offend? They are just jumbled up letters…not a reflection of what you are.  Challenge that negative mind talk, throw of all of your perceived faults, dismiss what other people falsey say about you. Remember that saying sticks and stones may break my bones but names came never harm me…..guess what? It is not just meant for kids we need to live by this and not listen to limitations or labels that others, (or sometimes ourselves) put onto us. By removing our sensitivity to these words we lessen their affect on us.  We need to take a fresh look at ourselves and our strengths and use them to our highest potential. If you say that you are not good enough or believe it when others say it, guess what???? It will become your truth. We all have weakness/flaws but we can acknowledge them, learn how to improve and try to move on. From today on challenge your/ and others negative beliefs in you……You are strong and have great qualities…..Let them shine.


2 responses to “What is in a word???????

  1. Well done shorty!! Just kidding…………it is soooo true though that we keep telling our kids they are just words but when you become an adult we think it is differnet but it is not!!! They are STILL just words and usually from people with their own insecurities. Little bullies who have never grown up!! The more you tell yourself how wonderful you are the more you believe and will shine!!

  2. Here! Here! Lizzy…..Most bullies are just pointing out others differences to hide their own. Sadly, for our kids we can not tell them that it is ok and that when you grow up all this silly bullying stops………….Oh no, as adults we have to contend with social and workplace bullies. I always think…. I know the truth….I know that I am a good person….and no one can make me feel otherwise. We teach others how to treat us, so let’s have a resounding NO to bullies. But we must also make sure not to bully ourselves…..not to talk ourselves down……………WE ARE WONDERFUL AND WE SHINE!!!

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