You are what you eat….think, say and do!

I am a calm, relaxed, super cool dude

I am a calm, relaxed, super cool dude

I was doing some reading up on PH balances in our bodies……interesting reading I know, an out of balance PH  can cause a range of ills …including fatigue and bone disease.  I read an interesting article saying that we can change our PH balance just by deep breathing…..which makes me think that those who meditate must have perfect insides.  It got me to thinking….we all know that saying “we are what we eat”….so, if we can change our bodies internal chemical make up from breathing and eating, we must also affect our body by what we think, say and do. Now the “do” bit is easy….if we walk on our treadmill or up the road for 30 minutes….of course we improve our body and our health. I think we would all agree on that.  What if our thoughts are bittter, negative, angry, and unhappy….what does that do to our physical make up?  If we are mean to others with our words does that affect our health?  I believe it does….. I believe that our bodies are at their best when we eat, think, do and say things to nurture us and others.  DO you remember a time when you have been really angry???How did your body react…..tense, tight muscles, tummy ache, tight throat, tingling under the arms?????  Whatever your body’s response it was a response…our body is  affected.  Now, I know we can’t all be in a calm, meditative state at all times but if we try to be balanced and look after ourselves surely we give ourselves the best fighting chance.  So, in a nutshell…. be kind to others and to yourself, think grateful thoughts, eat healthy more often than not and pop on that treadmill,go for a walk or what ever physical activity floats your boat, when you have time.  Let’s be happy and healthy and grow old together……….

4 responses to “You are what you eat….think, say and do!

  1. Too true!!! We only use a small percentage of our brain and with 5 minutes each day of lying down in a quiet place with your eyes closed and visualise whatever you feel you need to fix, improve etc can really do the trick!! I used to visualise myself standing on the scales and watching the needle go up to the exact weight I wanted to weigh. Now you can’t just do this once, it has to be an ongoing practice and try it, it really works!!

  2. In such a busy world, taking 5 minutes a day to chill can only be good for us. Interesting you mention visualising…top sports trainers get their athletes to visualize winning their races etc to get them in top mental shape to compete. They have done studies to show that when they are truly imaging being in a race, their bodies heart rate etc matches as if they really were in a race. So if we truly visualise being happy or resolving an issue etc it can really help. But remember we also have to put in too….we can not visualise losing weight…for example, and not make some physical effort to go with this visualisation. Damn….we say…but any effort we make is worth it.

  3. I really love what you’re saying! The mind controls the body, and a healthy mind leads to a healthy body. I think people underestimate the effects stress, especially stress in the form of cortisol, can have on the human mind. Just thinking about a time I’ve been angry gets me a little stressed. So imagine how tense and out of whack my body must be when I’m actually really pissed off. Of course, eating right and creating that healthy balance starts with having the mental determination and will to do so. When we’re distracted by other things, it can take off track from eating well. The most challenging part of changing our body is changing our mindset. A healthy attitude towards others and ourselves will lead to a healthy lifestyle.

  4. Absolutely Jane. Years ago, I saw a really interesting thing on T.V that blew me away…they wired a mum up with a bunch of medical test “stuff” to gauge her blood pressure etc levels on a “normal” day, to show how much our bodies are affected by stress. She had 2 little under school age children and by breakfast time…her levels were dangerously high. Poor mum had one child in a high chair throwing food at the ground and the other doing annoying normal little kid stuff. The Doctor said that her body was reacting as if she was having MAJOR stress event…..Her health was definitely being negatively affected. Now I guess some of us are doing this to our bodies on a daily basis….What are we doing to ourselves? You are so right when you say we can change our bodies health when we change our mind’s health……we all get stressed from time to time, but maybe a key to our well being is to actively try to limit stress in our lives.

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