Do you belong????? Are you connected?????

We are always happy when we are chillin' out with our mates......

We are always happy when we are chillin' out with our mates......

Do you feel that you belong somewhere????  Work; volunteer group; sports group; friends; gym…?????  Studies show that when we feel connected in a social way we are happier.  It makes sense to me…….I think we all want to feel liked, accepted, appreciated and even needed.  We like to feel that we contribute, have purpose and are a part of something.  Do you feel connected in some way??? Now, I know we are all busy…working, perhaps raising a family and with the normal daily grind….but do you take some time each week to connect with people outside of your immediate family??  It may be just a phone call, better still a walk or cup of tea.  It may be shouting out support with others on the sidelines of a sporting event or even being actively involved in your sporting team.  A sweaty gym session or Zumba class, might do the trick. It might be delivering meals on wheels or working with a volunteer group.  Maybe even having a giggle at work….whatever it is, try to connect, whenever you can and I am sure that your happiness levels will soar.  Be socially connected, in whatever way suits you.

Let us know what you like to do to socially connect????


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