Parenting……hardest job on earth!

Oh mum, do we have to go home now????

Oh mum, do we have to go home now???

Were your parents perfect? Did they always say and do the right thing? Were they always there for you? Did they understand you through every stage of your life? Was there never a harsh word said between you? Did they always let you do
everything you wanted? Was there never a time when you were grumpy with them? Was every choice they made for you wonderful?  If you answer yes to all of these questions, then may I suggest that you are a very rare person?  Even if you answered yes to most of these questions I would suggest that you are in a small percentage of the population. I am not saying that the rest of the population has been harshly done by…..I am just suggesting that 99.9% of all parents are not perfect. In fact, no human is perfect.  Parents will make mistakes, as they say it is the hardest job in the world.  I believe that most parents do the best job they know how to, now I am not including physically abusive parents in this post at all, of course that is
a completely different story and I would suggest best dealt with by professionals.  I do not believe that the majority of parents who have made poor decisions had the intention or goal of trying to hurting you.  Quite often they had
experienced difficult circumstances in their lives that created their parenting
skill or lack thereof.  No one is perfect and there is definitely not a one size fits all manual on parenting, we all make mistakes…If we are holding onto residual hurts or regrets with our parents maybe the time has come to acknowledge that they did the best job that they could or knew how to at the time and to forgive them to set ourselves and them free. As parents, (now of teenagers), my husband and I adore our children and try to do the best for them, but guess what? We make mistakes, there are days we have no idea what move to make next?
We have gloriously happy days and days where our children don’t like us
very much at all……but one thing I know for sure…..we are always trying
and our intentions are always good. That is how I know that my parents were the
same…they always did their best…even if I did not think so at the time…..Is it time to forgive some of your folks parenting choices?????????
Remember…  Forgiveness is not something that you do for others but something that you do for yourself to be well and to move on.

2 responses to “Parenting……hardest job on earth!

  1. How different is parenting these days compared to our parents!!! Sometimes I think they had it easier as they didn’t work and stayed home doing all parenting and household chores BUT now days we have better skills, appliances, social groups and help with alot of things. I always think to myself when I get up, chuck a load of washing in the washer, put the dishes in the dishwasher, make the school lunch with lots of those individual servings, microwave the scrambled eggs, then jump in the car to school then work…………….how quick is everything!!! Wouldn’t have been that easy in the old days. But still with all the fast pace of life these days and both parents working we have less time for the kids which is a shame. We need to find at least one hour of each day to sit down with them and listen to their day and make them feel special!!!

  2. One thing has and never will change….our kids need us and the most precious thing we can give them is our time. Whenever I have seen a show asking kids what they love most about mum/dad it is always adorable things like…when we have breakfast together….when we go for a walk….my bedtime stories etc Let’s treasure these times as they fly by in a heartbeat.
    Let us do the best job we know how to……….

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