Doing the “Right” thing???????

I feel good.............

I feel good.............

Following on from our Random Acts of kindness post,(see under Health and Well Being Heading dated 12 Aug 2011 ), another shopping experience made me think of a new post.  I bought some milk and a bunch of scourers, (exciting shopping, I know) and when asked would you like a bag I said “No thank you, I shall just carry these”…………walking out of the shop juggling my shopping with my purse I felt a sense of “goodness” come over me as I had done the “right thing” and did not waste a plastic bag.  It made me think how it definitely feels good to do the “Right thing”.  Now I am not a huge fan of the word “Right”
because I believe we all as individuals have our own sense of right and it is
not always black and white.  You may feel it is right for you to eat meat whilst others feel it is right for them to be vegetarian etc.  That is where our own individual “Right/Wrong Meter” comes in.
How do you feel when you do the “Right thing”….when you take your green
bags shopping….when you recycle….when you pick up rubbish in the street and bin it……when you tell a shop assistant that they have given you too much
change…..when you resist the urge to use Face book at work….when you exercise
when you would rather be a couch potatoes…when you are kind to someone…you get my drift.   Now, while we are feeling warm and fuzzy over doing good stuff how do you feel when you do the “wrong” stuff?????  When your little voice inside says don’t do this but you go ahead anyway……when you are gossiping…..when you are face booking etc at work….when you put all your old newspapers in the rubbish instead of recycling….when you are rude to someone….when you tell a lie….. when you eat that extra piece of choccy….when you plop on the couch instead of get on that treadmill or go for that walk….you get my drift????  It doesn’t feel right does it?  We try to convince ourselves it is okay but deep down know it is not.  I believe that the little voice saying “No”, that feeling in your tummy, or when your muscles tighten are our own individual way of helping us know what is good for us and what is not.  Now we are not going to
always do the “right thing” but think of it as a healthy choice, believe it or
not, feeling good actually positively affects your actual health and doing the “right thing” literally makes you feel good. How good do you feel when you do the “right thing?”

2 responses to “Doing the “Right” thing???????

  1. I love doing the right thing way more than doing the “wrong” thing! Nothing better than that warm fuzzy feeling………………it stays with you for hours and even sometimes days!! And talking about doing the right thing, is anyone else out there going to do some feed back??? I can’t be the only one………….come join me and try to reply to at least one or two of Happy as a pig’s blogs 🙂

  2. We all LOVE that warm fuzzy feeling! Hey I agree with Lizzie…we need some feedback….we learn so much from others and also it might make me feel fuzzy knowing that someone is actually reading this stuff. I bet you will get that FUZZY feeling after you drop us a line????

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