How do they know to go to the water????

How do they know to go to the water????

Intuition: If you got something out of the fridge and you thought it was off would you eat it?? No… now that is one form of intuition….do you listen to your other forms of intuition??? If you try on a pair of jeans and they don’t feel right,do you still buy them?  No…or do you think, oh theywill be okay, buy them and never wear them….Do you ever think to yourself “I should have listened to that little voice saying No”.  Well the same goes for that little voice in your head that says other things like……… “Don’t say that”; “Don’t go there”;”Have a go”; “You should really get up and do something  instead of sitting on the couch”; “Just do it”; “Ring your sister/friend etc”; “Your angry right now….just leave it”  etc etc……  I believe that this little voice is our inner guidance trying to help us.  I know many
a time that I have not listened to this little voice and kicked myself afterwards……Have you???  So now, I try really hard to listen to that voice????
Now, a question that I have asked in the past is how do I know if this
voice is “good” because I also have the little voice that says “You want
chocolate…..yes more chocolate”  Now I know the chocolate voice is my craving voice and should be ignored…..but how do you know with other choices????  I
think normally your first thought, those first words that come to mind, is the
intuition kicking in.  If we think about it, our intuition will always be in love, positive and supportive to us and anything else is probably fear, and possibly limiting to us.  Listen to your voice, act on your intuition and see where it takes you……   I remember years ago when doing a self defence course, the instructor told us that when interviewing women who had been attacked, that most of them said that just before the attack they felt that sense, that intuition, that something was not right……The instructor told us to LISTEN to that voice as it is a powerful weapon…..makes you think???

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