Who is your worst enemy???

Watch out mousey?  I am your worst enemy....

Watch out mousey? I am your worst enemy....

What or who is your biggest enemy?  What keeps you from
being the best you can be? What stops you from doing what you really want? What causes you the most stress? Would you believe me if I told you I know exactly what your biggest enemy is? Am I psychic??? NO! But guess what? I know what it is?…..Can I read your mind????? No, I just know what all of our biggest enemy is. Do you want me to let you in on the secret??…………………

Ourselves! Yes, it’s true!  Ouch hearing that hurts, doesn’t it? It is confronting. Our minds, at times, seems to work against us!  When we are truly honest about this, we are responsible for our every action, our every thought, every word that comes from our mouth and every reaction that we make. We may have the best intentions…make great plans…promise to try harder, promise to change and then it all falls apart. We may blame our upbringing, our kids, our job, our partner, our family, where we live etc. They are all excuses.  If someone was to give you $10,000.00 every time you made a positive action, every time you reacted calmly, every time you forgave, every time you took responsibility for your own actions, every time you acted in love…..you would not make any excuses. Guess what???? It is okay…we are no alone with this…we are human…we do stuff up from time to time. No one is perfect. The key is to learn to pick ourselves up again and get back into it.  We need to stand up and be responsible, be the best we can, know that we are worthy, look after ourselves and truly be honest about ourselves and our choices. Take charge, take responsibility and be mindful of your choices……..

2 responses to “Who is your worst enemy???

  1. Working in hospitality provides me with many opportunities to observe people and what I notice is that the ones who do not blame others, who make the most out of situations are generally the happiest and easiest to get along with. I have experienced this many times over. In particular, I had an instance where the electricity went off for a couple of days and the ones who wanted to blame others, seek compensation and conflict were very angry, difficult and unhappy – yet other people effected by this showed great understanding, did not blame, made the most of the difficult situation and did not let this spoil their holiday. There are examples everywhere and I provide my own examples on a daily basis – I really do try hard to practice the priniciples of love, kindness and compassion but know that as soon as I start blaming others or being unhappy with what I have – I lose my inner peace and my whole body is effected. Thank goodness that each new day brings a new opportunity to learn and grow and love

  2. Some people just seem to be born angry..don’t they? They are not content unless blaming others. A great way for us to keep a check on our own behaviour is to observe others…..things we see and don’t like- try not to replicate…we can use these experiences as a “what not to do lesson”…On the other hand things we see in others that inspire us and that we admire- try to bring that out in ourselves, in our own way. Your right Kakadoo as soon as we get on that blame train things seem to go off the rails. Life is not perfect but if we choose to act in love, kindness and compassion and to take responsibility for our words, thoughts and actions…. we have to be off to a great start. Thanks for comments. I love to hear from you guys about your experiences….it really inspires me to keep blogging.

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