Would you rather be “right” or happy?

I'm sorry, let's kiss and make up....

I'm sorry, let's kiss and make up....

Would you rather be right or happy as a pig in mud????? Not saying that you must decide between the two, but sometimes when we have the need to be right all of the time we can become very unforgiving, extremely inflexible and quite frankly difficult to get along with. Is it better to bend and flex in the wind and go with the flow, then to be rigid, unmovable and crack in the wind? 

Sometimes a compromise is called for…..even a back down of sorts.  If
there is a need to make a choice between right or happy…sometimes being happy
can be more important. Can you think of a situation where your “stubbornness”
or need to be right has hurt an important relationship? If the world was to end
tomorrow would this situation seem so important….would it still require you
to be right or would forgiveness be a more appropriate answer? When you ask yourself this…don’t forget that forgiveness is a hugely important factor in YOUR
actual health and happiness.  Remember…. Forgiveness is not something that you do for others but something that you do for yourself
to be well and to move on

Is there someone who you need to forgive?

Would you be easier to get along with if you occasionally let others be right, have their own opinions or maybe even just listened sometimes?  Makes you think???

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