Do you want to be perfect????

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

OOPS...I don't think I was supposed to do this???

Do you believe in the perfect person? Would you want to be perfect? What is perfect?  Do you want to be the person who knows everything, who never makes a mistake, who is able to tell everyone else what they are doing wrong?

Would you miss learning new things, would you miss having a laugh at yourself, would you miss the spontaneity of life, the need to listen to others, the need to grow and change? Would you be fun to be around….or would you be annoying, self-righteous and pompous? Would others find you interesting or irritating and a know it all? I love learning new things,meeting people and hearing about their different stories. I love to try to improve myself….mucking up along the way. I love differences between us.  I love different emotions and passions that
drive people, it makes me feel and know that I am alive.  No one is perfect……we grow, we learn, we accept our and others imperfections.
When we know better we do better….until then we keep learning, keep
laughing, we learn to be empowered by our lessons and try to be as happy as a pig in mud along the way.  I am happy as a pig in mud that I am not perfect….Cheers to our differences, to our successes and also to our failures.


One response to “Do you want to be perfect????

  1. No way would I want to be perfect!! The lessons we learn in life might not be enjoyed at the time but make us a better person in some way for the future!! This is where my favourite saying comes in…………..”one day we’ll look back at this and laugh!!!!!”

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