Do you sabotage your own happiness?

I am not doing anything wrong? I am just patting her on the head.

I am not doing anything wrong? I am just patting her on the head.

Why is it that we know the right thing to do…..but go and do the complete opposite????? Why do so many New Years Eve resolutions end up down the toilet?? Why do so many diet/exercise plans end up in the bin?? Why do we seem to sabotage our own happiness? My theory is because we are Human…..we are not perfect and we all have our struggles.  What traits do you have that seem to undermine your best made plans and intentions??????

Do you procrastinate? Do you put things off and off until you just give up? Are you an awesome planner? That spends so much time planning that you don’t actually get round to what you were going to do?                                                        Are you lazy? I know sometimes I am so tired that I just can’t get motivated.Are you busy, busy, busy? “I am too busy”……….Are you really? Some people are so busy not really achieving much……In a hurry going nowhere. Putting out little fires everywhere but not really making a difference. Are you really too busy? Do you need to prioritize and let go of some jobs/chores that take up too much time and stress you out? Are you an external blamer? Is it always someone else’s fault? A colleague, a relative, a friend…..Do you need to take responsibility for your own choices? Could you be to blame sometimes?   Are you a team player? Or do you take over in group/employment/family situations and in the process shut everyone else out? Are you a worrier? Do you spend a
lot of time worrying and not so much time “Just doing it” Are you a control freak? Spending so much time controlling your surroundings that you don’t make time to live, enjoy and be spontaneous? Are you an excuse maker? I am not
smart enough, I don’t fit in and I couldn’t do that???? Are you afraid? Are you afraid of putting yourself out there…of having a go…of trying new things??

Do you have some personal traits that might be a little negative, rub people up the wrong way or just stop you from being the best person you can be?
Now this question does not come from a person throwing stones at the
glass house….believe me it comes from me inside the glass house…….We all
have negative traits that set us back, I have many.  What are yours?   Be really honest here and have a good long think. You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.

Here is a list of some annoying traits to recognize to get you on track: too negative; too selfish; it’s all about me personality; too opinionated; talks too much; my way or the highway personality; too airy fairy; too rude; too arrogant; too abrasive; always have to be right; too judgemental; too bitchy; too boring; are you a hypocrite; are you bossy; too loud; too over the top; too sensitive; gets offended too easily; do you get in people’s personal space; do you not know how to read other people’s reactions e.g. do you know when you have offended someone? Or do you think people are thinking badly of you when they are not thinking about you at all?………….you get my drift.  Now please do not tell me
that any of these or other negative traits like them doesn’t apply to you….because
as long as your arse points to the ground…you will have some traits that
could do with some tweaking.

I suppose what I am trying to say is that we all sabotage ourselves in some way.
Normally it is fear that drives us off course….so if we take a good look at ourselves and treat ourselves with love, kindness and acceptance we can
get back on track.  Let’s take this week to take a good look at ourselves and the ways that we hinder our happiness and try to make some steps in a different direction.  Try to turn those negative patterns around and try to get motivated and make a difference………I’d love to hear what you think?  Please share your thoughts and ideas with us.  We can all help each other.



3 responses to “Do you sabotage your own happiness?

  1. Today when I am reading this I truly am just too tired to do anything…..of course that doesnt mean I get to do nothing because there is always something to do…but I have realised that there are days when I just have to be gentle with myself – when I am over tired, run down, getting sick or just plain fed up with all the responsibilities, deadlines and demands. So if its okay with you guys I will conquer the world tomorrow!!

  2. We all have days where we need to recognize that doing the bare minimum is OKAY. We are not Super Human…..tiredness, illness, and just plain feeling a bit crap is normal. An early night, a chat with a friend, an easy meal for tea, a night off chores and allowing yourself to take it easy are wonders for days like these. The world can wait until tommorrow or even till next week. Take care and take it easy.

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