What do you do when you don’t know what to do??????

I just don't know what to do??????

I just don't know what to do??????

This a different first of the month reality check.  Firstly I am a day late…oops and secondly I thought that we might try to tackle a dilemma?

What do you do when you don’t know what to do???  Do you sometimes get confused, find it hard to know what the “right” thing to do is or get so overwhelmed that you lose the plot?  Sometimes life is easy, we are faced with decisions and the answers come simply to us and problem solved. The world is good. Then, there are other times in life where the options just seem like massive mountains, too large to climb. The answers seem to be lost in some mysterious world that we can’t get to.

I have really struggled at times with making major decisions and with knowing what is going to be the “right” choice. I have come to realise, that if you make little steps and always choose in love, than you will always make good choices. When we choose each step in love and peace we seem to get the best results. What do I mean by choosing each step in love? I mean make the choice respecting and loving yourself, doing what is healthy for you and those around you, thinking of what nurtures you and what is positive.  Do not choose in fear? When we choose in fear we make knee jerk decisions, we react rather than choose. We end up picking negativity. So when next faced with a choice or challenge that is not easy: Choose in love/be positive/nurture and respect yourself/make a healthy choice/ make a choice that is supportive/listen to your heart/do not choose in fear/take a little time to choose and finally go with your internal barometer…..how do you feel when you make the choice??? May I suggest that if you don’t “feel” right about the choice, than it is not the choice you need to make? You need to be true to yourself. I would love to hear from you about how you cope or how you make decisions………please share…. I think we could use some tips………


2 responses to “What do you do when you don’t know what to do??????

  1. Sooooo true!! I always do the pros and cons list in making big decisions! This has helped us make some major decisions and it shows you in black and white what you SHOULD do, and if you be honest and make the list being true to yourself, it will lead you in the right direction.

  2. How true Lizzie. By making a list you get a real sense of clarity…..I think the point that you make about being “honest” and “true to yourself” are key factors when making your list. You can not make a list based on what others would do or think…there is only one you and if you be completely honest with yourself…warts and all….the right decision will be made. You know what I also love about making a list….. when you take time to think of all the pros and cons you stop yourself from rushing into something that could possibly be a poor choice. Good advice Lizzie!

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