How do you teach others to treat you????

I don't mind if you sit on only hurts a little bit.

I don't mind if you sit on only hurts a little bit.

How do you teach other people to treat you?   Are their people in your life that put you down or treat you like crap…….do you realise how it happened?

 I know this will sound harsh but we literally teach people how to treat us.  When someone is rude or mean to us and we let it slide once, twice and three times they say to themselves….Hey, I can push this one around!  They will use you to boost their own ego or bury their own insecurities. We need to teach these people, especially those closest to us, how we want to be treated. Shouldn’t we all be treated and treat others with respect and kindness?  Now, this can be taken too far the other way, I don’t mean that we need to get over sensitive and challenge every word, every person ever says to us.  Believe it or not, most people are not intentionally rude or mean.  Before we stand up for ourselves we must ask ourselves if this person is intending to be hurtful to us. We may be reading too much into a situation or may even be thinking that someone is against us when they are not. We can sometimes create battles that are unnecessary. Sometimes we also need to hear some honest feedback about ourselves and truly listen, but as soon as it becomes attacking, hurtful, uncalled for or untrue we need to let the others know that it is not okay. When you feel that a person is intending to put you down, teach them that it is not okay…… let them know that you have worth.  Teach them with calm but firm words.  Treat others how you want to be treated and hopefully they will do the same, if not walk away. Always treat yourself with love and respect and allow others to do the same.

Does anyone have any helpful tips for standing up for ourselves in a respectful way???? Please share????

One response to “How do you teach others to treat you????

  1. I just had a thought in relation to this post…….you may think that I am only talking about adult relationships when talking about how we teach others how to treat us, but afer a chat with a very upset mum on her son’s rude behaviour to her, I thought I would make note…… that this topic relates to everyone….including our children……If we teach them that being rude, arrogant and disrespectful to us and others is okay….then guess what lesson they will learn???? I think it always comes back to treat others how you want to be treated….. This is one of the greatest lessons in the world!

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