Random Acts of kindness – Christmas Style

What nice thing could I do for someone today???

What nice thing could I do for someone today???

Christmas is the time for giving. YES, so I thought we should make it the time for Random Acts of Kindness, Christmas style.  So this week why not make someones day in a special little way?????

I went shopping the other day, it was hot, busy, and nearly Christmas.  I was at a large hardware store and on my way to put my trolley back in the trolley bay, I saw a lady trying to jam things in the back of her 4WD looking very hot and bothered.  So on my way past I grabbed her empty trolley to take back for her. She looked soooo grateful and said to me, “Thank you so much and I REALLY hope that you have a lovely Christmas”, I could tell that she meant it and it gave me the warm fuzzies for the rest of my shopping trip.

So let’s think of some  Christmassy Random Acts that we could do:

Help someone at a supermarket/shops; Smile when you are rushing about shopping; say Merry Christmas to a stranger; drive like you have all the time in the world and not like you are in a crazed, panicked Christmas rush; Be super nice to shop assistants; say Thank you a lot; bake something and make double to share;  donate to a charity; visit or ring loved ones;  buy a gift for someone you don’t know; be extra nice at work; forgive someone; take the time to chat with someone; and after Christmas recycle your Christmas cards with Planet Ark; make sure you recycle all of your wrapping paper; and share your leftovers.

What Random Acts of Kindness, Festive style can you come up with????? Please share???

2 responses to “Random Acts of kindness – Christmas Style

  1. Merry Christmas to all you wonderful “happyasapiginmudders” he he what a wonderful way to celebrate christmas – with a random act of kindness – just makes me smile thinking about it! That’s the spirit….I love doing stuff like this all year round – my girlfriend and I call it “sprinkling fairy dust” and we have been doing it for years…..because you cannot give without receiving!!

  2. Sprinkle away…….doing good deeds for others always creates a smile, for those that give and especially those that receive. Merry Christmas to all. I hope that you all share time with loved ones and get to eat some deliciously yummy food. Stay safe and have fun.

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