Help!!! I need to get motivated!!!

I am pooped! I just need a bit more rest!

I am pooped! I just need a bit more rest!

Okay, so the  festive feasting time is over and it is time to go back to normal.  Time to eat less and exercise more??????  Then how come my mind and body are still on holidays and refusing to co-operate?? I feel buggered and can not get motivated to move, and those yummy Christmas leftovers are still calling out to me from the fridge.   HELP????  I need some suggestions to get me out of laziville and into get up off your butt and start looking after yourselfville.  Please I need all the help you can send me??????????? How do you turn it around?  How do you pick yourself up, dust off the feasting and relaxing mode and turn on the I want to be healthier mode??? I welcome all suggestions……………


2 responses to “Help!!! I need to get motivated!!!

  1. I’m with you Michelle……………I’m in laziville too and can’t seem to find my way out!!! All roads lead to lazyville so I need help too……. Each night I say to myself that I am going to start riding my bike tomorrow and eat healthy, come lunch time we decide to go to the pub or get fish and chips AAAARRRRRGGGGHHHH!! I find that once in a rut the only way out is when your mind is ready to motivate your body and it really is just that first time getting out of bed early and going for that walk and once you are up and doing it you really DO enjoy it and it gets the ball rolling. So Michelle…….I got up early to blog so you will turn those Chrissy treats into gift packs and give them to friends!!! (Glad I don’t live near you!! lol)

  2. I am hearing you Lizzie. Yesterday was the first day of my new healthy regime….but sadly guess where it ended up??? Straight down that road to laziville. Had a naughty lunch order at work…….it tasted devine and made me feel like crap. Then to top it off, when I got home, it was too hot to walk the dog so I drove her to the river for a swim…….Lazy me! Your words have inspired me not to repeat my naughty day, so today I shall restart my journey out of laziville today. So far so good….no naughty behaviors….it is only 11.00am but I WILL have a healthy lunch. Let’s be healthy chicks together….we know we are much happier when we are healthier, so let’s clink our glasses of water and say cheers to a healthier start to 2012.

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