Coping skills……..what helps???

OH NO!!! How am I going to cope with this????

OH NO!!! How am I going to cope with this????

How do you cope??  When the nerves are frayed, tension is in the air, conflict is lurking, stresses abound, problems need to be solved, your work place has issues, and/or your relationships are going through problems….what do you do/think/say/feel to help get you through.  How come some seem to cope better than others??  What can we do to help?? Well believe it or not we have been learning how to cope since birth.  As babies we begin our learning by how our needs were met….through to the toddler years and how we coped when we fell, when we were hurt….right up until now?  You may not realise it but you probably have many great coping skills that help you on a daily basis.  I believe that if you are more aware of these skills the better you are prepared for daily battles and situations. 

I will be doing more posts on coping but today I thought I would start with an A-Z on coping skills…….see how many you use….or maybe you might like to take some on board to help??  Ask for help; Be present…don’t dwell on the past or worry too much about the future; Calm down; Deep breaths; Exercise…believe me a walk can do wonders ;Friends, chat to a friend; Grateful, make a list of  things you are grateful for instead of a list of dramas in you life;       Health…look after your health; Insert some fun into your day; Just scream; Kind deeds for others can stop you focussing on your own problems; Laugh; Music..pop on your favourite tunes; Nourish your soul with tender loving care, take care of yourself from the inside out  ; Out with negative thoughts, in with positive thoughts; Pets…spend time with a much loved pet; Quiet…take some quiet me time to reflect; Rest; Self talk…… yourself through a situation using positive, caring language; Take time, stop rushing; Understand the other person’s side; Vent to a trusted friend, relative or even to yourself…sometimes when I am angry I let it all out by talking to myself whilst driving or walking alone and at the end of the drive/walk I tell myself it is over…I have vented and now it is time to let go and move on ; Walk away….wait until you have calmed down; Xanadu….I had to cheat here…I don’t know any X words….but the dictionary says that Xanadu is an exotic beautiful place…… lay down, relax and imagine/meditate about being in your favourite imaginary place, really picture it and let yourself fully relax ; Yourself, be yourself, do what you truly believe is right; and finally…….Zumba….. my Zumba class makes me forget all of my worries for one entire hour… way I can concentrate on the Zumba steps and concentrate on worries at the same time… is impossible for me and that is what I LOVE about Zumba.

Please share with us some of your top coping skills????????

The more coping skills we have, the better we cope and the better we cope the happier we are. Love to hear from you………..


3 responses to “Coping skills……..what helps???

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  2. I would put Y = Yoga. For me, it’s a great way to relax and also get some exercise in.

  3. It is fantastic to find a form of exercise that you really enjoy and one that helps you body, mind and spirit. I am not a physically super fit person,,,,,,but I enjoy my exercise as much for my mind as I do my body. I love music and jumping about like a fool…so Zumba is my thing!

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