Do you want to know a secret???????

Do my ears look big in these?

Do my ears look big in these?

It is no secret to those that know me that I love to talk…… But guess what, and this is the secret????????????  I also LOVE to listen………………

I love to listen to so many things……laughter; music; my kids being nice to each other; birds singing; the river flowing; the kettle boiling (for my cup of tea); manners; people being happy and people being kind, to name a few. Do you know something else that I love to listen to???????

I also love to listen to you…..I love to hear from the readers of my blog.  I love to hear if my words touch you, or if you have suggestions, what you think about the topic or even just that you are out there.  Have you ever had a chat to someone who just does not seem to respond….they give one word answers….they don’t seem to be involved in the discussion? It is as if you are saying “blah, blah blah” and they look at you with a blank stare. It makes it very difficult to know what they are thinking.  Sadly, lately, I feel like I am chatting away to my self here on my little blog.  I know that people are clicking onto the blog but have no idea what you, out there, are thinking??? I have had people tell me that they like the blog but are too shy to comment or can’t think of anything to say or that they just like to read it…..that is all fine, but I need some feedback. It takes two for this little piggy to tango, (hopefully many more than two, but two will do). Am I that person trying to chat to someone who is not really listening???  I have big ears and am more than happy to use them…..Please let me know that you are out there…..please let me know what you think….do you like what you read?????? Join me and let’s take this blog from just words to a conversation.  Please leave a comment and let me know that you are there????? Better still let me know what you are thinking??????

6 responses to “Do you want to know a secret???????

  1. Miracles do happen- hey it me your sister and I have finally found my way to your blog to chat with you. Strange our last conversation seems to agree that there are so many ways we are sisters and in the sisterhood together. Yes- I love to talk and when I finally slow down I love to listen…so much time spent in solitude that sometimes first encounters are an overdose in me talking, but after the initial headiness of ‘talking’ I long to hear another voice. another opinion…someone to challenge me, extend my perspective on the world and others…understanding is a constantly evolving process that without the voice of another we remain unchanged. Love you XX

  2. I always love to hear your words my big sister…. you have no idea how much your words today mean to me today. As always in my life, you speak to me, with me and listen to me when I am most in need of it. You must have a secret way of knowing when I need you…….I suppose that’s what make us sisters……Love you tooXX

  3. Id just like to say a quick thank you. Thank you for writing the words that most of us know, but often need to be given a gentle reminder about.
    Its lovely to have those thoughts sent every week – ones that remind you and ones that make you think. I actually look forward to it and Im sure that others that follow you- “your followers!’ do too.
    Keep it up!

  4. Thank you! You are lovely to say that….I am just grateful to know that you visit this little blog and I LOVE that you commented……..”It only takes one to make a speech but it takes two or more to make a meaningful conversation” (Michelle)……….Thanks for joining the conversation!

  5. Hi Michelle and happyaspiginmud readers.
    I am out here too and I also love to read your blog. I often get so busy that I find myself catching up and reading 2 or 3 blogs all at once. The blogs are always enjoyable, relevant, thought provoking and inspiring. You are doing a great job and I think you have a real talent and are a very thoughtful, caring human being who is making a difference – keep up the great work. Thanks for caring and sharing xx Karyn

  6. Thanks Kakadoodle….that is very sweet and means so much……a thousand piggy pink roses to you!

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