Happy Australia Day!!!

We are grateful to be Aussies.....

We are grateful to be Aussies.....


Happy Australia Day!!!  Whilst I am immensely proud to be an Australian I must blush and admit that I have no idea why we are all so lucky as to have a public holiday on the 26th of January every year and celebrate “Australia Day”. A quick little poll around my office, sadly suggests that I am not alone in my lack of history knowledge.  Most of us all just enjoy a day off work to watch the cricket, go to the beach or attend a backyard BBQ with friends……. SO what is Australia Day all about??????

A quick Google search and of course…how could I be so stupid…..Australia Day is to commemorate Captain Arthur Phillip landing in Sydney Cove on the 26th of January in 1788. It was not originally called Australia Day….and seems to have had many other names, such as: 1st landing day, Anniversary Day; Foundation Day and to our native Aboriginals is more sadly known as Invasion Day.

Seeing as this year is my “grateful year” I thought that I would make a little list of some of the things that I am most grateful for about my little patch of Australia.  I live at the bottom of a stunning mountain and am bordered by lush National park in country Victoria…..so here is my list,

I LOVE :the unique Aussie bush; our crystal clear river; our colorful bird life; our kooky Aussie native animals…the kangaroo and the wombat, which pop out every now and then; the down to earth country people; our laid back attitude; the “Gidday” and smiles that greet me when I go down the street; the diversity of the people; our freedom; open spaces; no pollution; starry nights; the smell of eucalyptus; all 4 seasons which are so different from each other…..the hot summer days and trips to the river….the colorful spring gardens….the snow capped peaks and warm fires in winter and the amazingly colorful display of Autumn which takes my breath away every year. SO as you can see I am proud and feel lucky to be an Aussie and live where I live.

What makes you grateful of who you are/ where you live/ or your heritage??


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