1st of the month reality check Feb

As long as we have each other....we have it all!

As long as we have each other....we have it all!


I stayed up way too late the other night listening to an Australia Day speech by leading Australian Neuro surgeon Charles Teo……I have seen him interviewed before and found him to be an extremely,interesting and inspiring man.  He is the man who people with brain cancer, who have been told that there is nothing that can be done, go to. Somehow he seems to be able to perform genius miracles and save lives that no one dared to.  He has been controversial in Australia because  he dares to speak up; challenge his colleagues and demand excellence.

The speech was interesting and touched me on many topics: racism; being an Aussie; politics; lack of funding for Brain cancer and the scientists related to it; compassion; his upbringing; education; his family and much more…..  The bit that gave me a reality check was when he mentioned, where we as Aussies were headed…..he spoke of the changes he sees and the increase of rage in today’s society.  We have road rage, surf rage and as we know many more……we seem to get angry so easily and let things really get under our skin.  He said that in his profession he sees people struggle with death and insurmountable fear on a daily basis. He sees children,parents, men and women daily who have to deal with overwhelming grief and unmentionable courage just to make it through another day.  He sees terrible pain and anguish which makes him realise and try to live his life caring and thinking about what really matters…..Does someone who cut in on you whilst driving, jumped into a cue in front of you or a took your spot on a wave really affect your life.  When that particular moment is over is your energy best served with continued rage for that annoyance or is your energy better served caring for your loved ones, caring for yourself and treating others with the kindness that you would like to be treated with.

Next time you let a slight anger you……think about the parents who have just found out that their child has been diagnosed with brain cancer.  Think of Charles Teo operating for hours on end to save that life…..think about the pain and courage needed to deal with such an ordeal…….

Does this help you to put things into perspective???? Does this give you a bit of a reality check??

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