What do you like?

I like cookies....

I like cookies....

I read somewhere that we spend the first half of our lives being conditioned and the second half of our life trying to undo that conditioning????  The first half goes like this….do this, do that, don’t be loud, don’t be shy, don’t wear that, you need to change, you shouldn’t look like that, you can’t do that, it is wrong to think that, you must fit in, you should do this job…blah, blah, blah.  We learn to fit into the family, the school, the social cliques, the workplace etc.  We actually learn to lose ourselves into a miss mash of what others expect.  But guess what? Who says that a bunch of outsiders know us better than we know ourselves???

I am sooooooo grateful to be in the second half of my life and the half that I get to re-find and define ME! Somehow in my 40’s I have decided that to be happy I must be true to me.  This started out on a very shaky ground…I had no freaking idea of who I was and what I even liked.  Someone asked me, when our kids were little, what I would do if I had an entire weekend all to myself and I could only think of  sleep….I had no idea of where to start…what would I like to do? What do I like? Where would I even begin?  So I decided to make a list of things I liked….I even had to think about what my favourite colour was… I was so out of touch with myself.  I am slowly but surely, learning day by day to get to know me…..I have never been happier.  Oh I have crap days like everyone…no one is perfect or has a perfect life. But I now know that as I walk through this life, if I stay on MY path, make choices that make ME feel good, do what I like, than I am surely being me….and that is exactly who I want and who I am meant to be.  If I could speak to me as a 14-year-old I would share this lesson with myself daily……luckily for me I have a 14-year-old daughter who I can try to teach this to.  Be yourself, make decisions and choices that FEEL right, learn who you are, learn what you like and live each day with love for yourself and others.

My quest for you this week is to make a list of things that you like….just write/think for 5 minutes and see what you come up with. I would love for you to share with us 10 things from your list?????? P.S this is your list….no family/work/friends stuff on this list…just things about you!

Here are 10 of my things….just to get you started:

Chocolate; walking in nature; being kind and seeing kindness; the country; the colour green; green tea with mint; laughing; showers; singing in the car; rocking out to loud music at home alone………… see not hard….please share with us 10 things off your list???????Love to hear from you.


5 responses to “What do you like?

  1. My 10 favourite things.
    1 Waking up 1 minute before the alarm clock.
    2 That one extra special bit in your favourite song.
    3 Walking slowly through a market. (country craft or city food)- they are both such a nice change from normal shopping. I find that having some kind of food to eat while youre looking makes it even beter!
    4 Reflections in water
    5 Fan heaters. Especially sitting on the floor and facing it on your back.
    6 The moment as you finish driving through the fog, to find an absolutely clear and perfect day. Very metaphoric too.
    7 Bright orange. Its happy. It also reminds me of the colour robes Buddhist monks wear, which is quite calming.
    8 Blowing air through my teeth after Ive flossed.
    9 Having one drink too many and getting a paint brush and creating a masterpiece. You get completely involved in it – nothing else in the world is happening. Sadly, in the harsh light of the next day, it somewhat loses its magnificence.
    10 Actually, just having one drink too many. Let loose occasionally I say!

  2. Thanks Kerrie…..”That one extra special bit in your fav song”…love it….it’s the bit that I sing out loud and completely out of tune but I feel like a rock star!

  3. Seeing a gorgeous sunset
    A beautiful breeze blowing thru my hair
    Whale watching
    Hoping into bed after a shower with clean sheets
    Long hugs with my hubby and daughgter
    Skiing on fresh snow
    Helping a friend with a problem
    Sitting down alone with a bowl of popcorn to a great chick flick
    Opening a personal letter (doesnt happen much these days)
    Going out for a yummy lunch with friends
    A great joke
    Long phone calls with good friends
    Girls weekends away
    This is fun but i better stop as i have well gone over ten!,,,,

  4. Oh i thought of another one……
    Singing very loud and badly in the car 🙂

  5. Lizzie…..I love that you have loads of things that you love!

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