Happy Valentines Day

I know that we are different but I do love you

I know that we are different but I do love you

Valentines Day…..a day to reflect on loved ones.

Do you take your significant other for granted???? When I say significant other I mean those closest to you…..it may be your partner, your child/children….a parent…… a loved one that you are in contact with daily. The one’s that we tend to take for granted….the one’s we get cranky with…the one’s we love the most.

Do you make grumbles and groans about them? Do you  have a list of their faults etched in your brain ? What do they bring to your relationship that you don’t even notice or that you seem to forget?

Have your ever heard of a widows list??? What is that you say?? It is a list of all of the wonderful things you would say about them if they were, to let’s say “pass on”.  Now I know this sounds a little morbid but have a think about it……What would you remember and say about them, what would their friends and family say…When you look back over the years spent together and any negatives fade away, what would you remember????….”He was a great father…..he adored his kids…..he was so handy….I felt safe when he was around….he was a good provider….he made me laugh….he was like a big kid…we shared some really special moments” or “My child was a delight to be around….made me laugh….was kind…..was a good kid….loved their friends… I loved our chats….”

So my point is…..next time you start making that…”pain in the neck list”, “the why do I even bother list”,  and/or “my pet hates about them list”…..STOP! and start making “The things that I love most about them list”….”the 5 things I am grateful for about them today list”. Start looking for the good….turn your attention to the positive and see how your attitude about them changes.  Let them know how much you care…it may be a look, a smile, a caring gesture, a kind word, a hug, a simple touch…a cup of tea taken to them….cook their favourite meal…….let them know and feel that they are loved.

Let us know three things that you love most about your significant other????? Love to hear from you……..


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