Stress relief…..what works for you?

I like to lay back and watch the soothes me!

I like to lay back and watch the soothes me!

Okay so your stressed out….a little tired….too much on! I know how it feels…Well last time I checked they had not invented the “chill out pill” to instantly overcome stress, so my question is what do you do that helps get you through?…

I was thinking about it last night and realised that I have 3 types of relief that work for me:

1. Silence…..I like to go within and have a chat with myself…..weigh up the pros and cons…be really honest with myself, try to calm down and resolve some stuff.  I usually perform this crazy self talk on my walks or whilst driving alone in my car. Other forms of silent stress relief could be meditation, gardening, and a sit on the porch with a nice cup of tea. I have a friend who loves to iron, she finds it calming…..UGH! that one is not on my list.

2. Talk…..confide with a friend, colleague or family member. Get an outside perspective and vent a little. I like to choose someone who I trust and that I know will be honest and supportive.  I have a girlfriend and we often will ring each other with our “moral dilemmas” to ask for each other for help. The sort of stuff that we just can’t quite figure out how to handle……we listen and give each other suggestions…..normally really stupid ones and end up laughing, but we normally resolve our dilemmas.  I have another friend that I walk with and we have lovely chats, it always helps. This talk could also be to a doctor or a counsellor if your issue is difficult to resolve or handle.

3. Distraction… an activity that is totally removed from any stress….one that keeps your mind busy…for me it is Zumba. It is physically impossible for me to worry and try to keep up with the moves all at the same time. If I start to think of a problem whilst doing Zumba my feet turn into 2 left feet and I majorly stuff up. Loud music, reading and watching t.v  also have the same effect for me.

So, your turn………Can you tell me 3 ways that your de-stress or chill out? Can’t wait to hear from you……………….??????


4 responses to “Stress relief…..what works for you?

  1. Okay 3 ways I de-stress.
    1.Sit with my dog and pat her…its amazing how calm I feel when I just sit quietly and focus on stroking her coat and she is always pleased to see me and seems to be happy which makes me feel happy.
    2. Walk briskly. Being out in the fresh air, amongst nature under the sky makes me feel better – reconnected with nature and the bigger picture.
    3. Play my guitar or listen to music. I love music – I love the way it can make me feel – the sounds go right through every cell of my body and I drift off into it…the right type of music can make me feel very calm and happy.
    And I completely agree with your number 2 – talk to a friend – what wonderful medicine that is, what a wonderful gift a good friend is.

  2. Great to hear from you Kakadoodle! Love your de stressing methods:
    1.Studies have shown that owning a pet makes us happier, that uncondtional love is something money can’t buy.
    2. Nature…. talks to my soul………I am right with you there!
    3.The right music for the right mood hits the spot for me too. Only wish I could play an instrument…….I can imagine how it could just take you away into another world.
    Thanks again!

  3. Well my destress best techniques is definately call a friend first!.. TAlking with good friends and talking aloud sometimes helps me see my problems and definately laugh about them and see that there realky isnt a reason to be sooooo stressed. No 2 is walk the dog or go for a bike ride and no 3 is not so good………eat and drink!!!! I find if i do the first two, then the third doesnt happen

  4. Well I think maybe the votes are in…… a good chat, walk and having a pet are great ways to destress. Yes Lizzie, it can be all to easy to find comfort in “naughty” things but much better for us if we can use that ol’ will power and stick to healthier options.

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