What’s holding you back?

How can I be King of the jungle when I am horribly shy????

How can I be King of the jungle when I am horribly shy????

Today is reflection time…..time to have a big think about what is holding you back? Now we all have insecurities and personality traits that keep us from being the best we can and from achieving our dreams/goals. One thing I know for sure is that the “perfect person”….does not exist. We all have “stuff” we need to work on. So, what are you negative traits, what holds you back, what stops you from doing what you really want to do?

Time to be really honest…….. I have made a list of common insecurities/negative traits to make this task simple for you…..all you have to do is read through the list and pick out which ones you think apply to you the most. If yours are not on the list than write your own down: afraid,anxious,angry, addictions, blamer, critical,controlling, depressed, dramatizing, egotistical, emotional, excuse maker, fear, guilt, hung up, hateful,  insensitive, insecure, jealous, judgemental, lazy, lacks confidence, lacks will power, manipulative, negative, over dramatic, opinionated, people pleaser, procrastination,patronising, stubborn, self-doubt, self loathing, scared, shy, self-righteous, timid, victim, whiner……. Now we do not want to be too hard on ourselves, so maybe pick 2 a week or month. This is a lifelong exercise…..we never reach perfection, but we can work on it along the way. Just as we eat or exercise to be healthy, I believe that we need to work with our mind to be healthy too. I believe that happiness comes in a complete package…..body, mind and spirit.When all three are working together we function at our best. We all have weaknesses but we can acknowledge them, learn how to improve and try to move on. Try to find some ways to work on your insecurities; we are all different, so what works for you may not work for another….part of the challenge is to find what way suits you best? You can try to challenge them, face them head on, or make little steps each day to change, find some affirmations to help you to move on, seek out books that might help, meditate, seek help from a loved one or a professional or throw them away….sometimes I go to the river and pick up stones and think of a negativity that is bothering me that day/week….let’s say “being judgmental” and I think about the issue and send it away with the stone in the river. I figure it is than released from me and that I can move on. I heard once that Mother Nature is such a miraculous force, and that we can send her our negativity and she can convert them into positive …..Hey if she can make stunning fruit and flowers than I gather she can help us too. Why not send your insecurities to nature? From today on challenge your insecurities……get ready to : join that club, go for that job, ask for that raise, start that class, make some changes, declutter you life, make a new friend, start that diet, start exercising, stand up for yourself……what ever it is you want but have stopped yourself from doing. ……You are strong and have great qualities, use your strengths to overcome your insecurities. I would love to hear what methods work best for you?????? I would love to hear how you go?????

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