1st of the month reality check: What is your story?

Crazy drivers.....am I the only one who can drive around here??

Crazy drivers.....am I the only one who can drive around here??

Do you have a story? Do you tell your story to anyone that will listen…over and over? Could you be slightly annoying to those that come in contact with you? It may be…..My life is full of problems story, things that make me angry story, my annoying family story, I am toooooooo busy story, how annoying everyone else is story, my horrible job story?….you get the drift.  Do you replay the same old problems over and over in your mind or even worse…… to anyone you come across? Are you like a broken record? Telling your story over and over.  Do people see you coming and run the other way? Under their breath are they saying “Here we go again….we have to listen to this AGAIN”

What we focus on grows…so by replaying our woes over and over we actually increase their power and their impact on our life. Some times we don’t even realise what we are doing. We just continue on replaying our stories in our own mind or to anyone that will listen. We don’t resolve anything. We aren’t even really asking for advice…we just want others to know that we have problems.  Any suggestions given to us to resolve/change the issues are met with “That won’t work” “You don’t understand” “Nothing can be done” STOP! Time for our story telling to end. Time to work on issues, resolve them, forgive or learn to accept…..we need to move on.  Are people sick of your stories? Time for a change, a positivity shift. Be someone others want to be around not someone people turn and hide from. Story telling can easily become a habit …..so how about making positivity our new habit??

Have you ever been guilty over replaying a story over and over but never actually really trying to resolve the problem? Are there “stories” that you have stopped telling and actually moved on from?  Please share…..


4 responses to “1st of the month reality check: What is your story?

  1. Thank you thank you thank you for reminding me that “what you think about grows”. I even have this saying sticky taped in my drawer at work for when Im a little miffed. But, of course its so easy to get caught up in a bad situation. If you can step away from the situation, just for a minute, and think clearly then you realise its “just another chapter in life”, “what doesnt kill you makes you stronger”, “everything happens for a reason” – which are so hard to accept on a bad day/week. But we’re
    all still here, all still enjoying life – for the most part! What you think about grows – if I were to have a tattoo that would be a great one to have somewhere I see every day because its so true. Thanks again for reminding me – it came at a good time.

  2. It is so easy to forget this one, isn’t it? Thoughts like…”I couldn’t do that”, ” I am not smart enough”, “I just don’t fit in”, “I can’t find time to exercise”. “It is too hard to eat healthily”…or what ever it is that you repeat and replay to yourself and others….Will become reality if you think and say them often enough. Time to change the record and our lives…..Thanks for your comment Kerrie…love hearing from visitors to my blog!

  3. Barbara Pottage

    Hi Michelle,
    Yes, I am guilty of telling the same old tale over & over.& for saying “I can’t do that,it’s too hard, I’m not clever enough”

    I shall pop back in here to remind myself that I can do stuff if I just believe in myself.

  4. Barbara…than you so much for your honesty….Do you know that I think that “I can’t do that, it’s too hard and I’m not clever enough” may be the 3 most common stories that many of us tell ourselves. I bet there are many wonderful things that you have done, overcome and been clever about. Believe in yourself and try telling yourself…”I can have a go” “I’d like to try that” “I am smart”….go for it! Lovely to hear from you!

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