How to get motivated?

Just can't seem to get into it today????

Just can't seem to get into it today????

What do you do to get motivated??? When the housework can no longer be ignored; when the pile of work on your desk  is seeming to double itself overnight; when you realise that you have not exercised for the past week; when that bill pile is growing so big that it  looks like needs its own postcode? When you realise that you haven’t cooked a proper meal in 4 days?  What slaps you on the bum and says “Enough”?   

Are there any magic words that you say to yourself or tricks to get you motivated?  One of  my favourite motivators is the reward method.  When I have vacuumed, for example, I can  have a cuppa; when I have completed a task at work I can have a chat with colleagues or a cuppa; when I have cooked healthy meals I feel way better; when I have sorted my bills etc my reward is that I don’t have to stare at  them and therefore, I feel less stressed. I know that some find lists useful and tick off  tasks as they are achieved. I have a friend that said her motivator for a tidy house is inviting friends over for tea. If they have guests for a meal, she always like her house to look nice…I see that as a win,win…clean house and catch up with friends.  When we were thinking of getting a puppy, for the first time ever, I wanted a dog that would need to be walked…..she walks everyday and guess what…so do I! That takes care of my exercise motivation…those big brown eyes and that wagily tail, get me every time. Meeting with others can also be a great motivator… I know a lady that walks every morning because she meets a friend at 630am . She feels that she cannot cancel as it would let her friend down. So what do you do to get you off the couch and into that housework, exercise or cooking a healthy tea or whatever it is that you are putting off?  I would love to get some tips here to  share? I have a sneaky feeling that we all lack a little motivation from time to time? Please share your experiences with us? Love to hear from you………


4 responses to “How to get motivated?

  1. Even though this isnt directly related to this article, it is definately in tune with your blog- I just finished watching a session with Jane Fonda from “Oprahs Masterclass”. on you tube. Its 40 minute interviews with celebrities on their lives, views etc. Wow. I highly reccommend “finding the time” (I know, I know) to google Oprahs Masterclass and start with this one. Time well spent. Promise!

  2. Thanks Kerrie….I will definitely check it out!

  3. Getting motivated especially on the domestic front is a huge challenge for me. I have found that having friends over can make me move into a frenzy of action (although it also can end up in lots of things be shoved in drawers and closets). Sometimes my motivation comes from reaching a point of frustration where I just can’t stand the clutter anymore. Hmmm…sounds like I could use some more positive motivational techniques. Thanks for inspiring me to think about it. I definitely enjoy being in a more organized environment but the getting there….

  4. Clutter can cause motivation but also stress…. so any step to find some motivation is a good one. Isn’t funny how we know that we feel good when we are more organized but somehow we are all guilty at times of putting off the inevitable. Let’s make a stand to try, at least, to make a start …and stop putting things off. Strike while the iron is hot! can be this weeks motto!

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