When are you being true to yourself????

I am so confused....who is the real me???I am so confused…..Who am I??????????

I realise that I am often confused about who I “really” am. I find myself always coming up with the same question….. how do I know the real me?? Would I even know it if I was staring at it in the mirror or if it slapped me in the face?  How do I know if what I am feeling/thinking/doing is fear, ego or the real me?

I think that the penny is starting to drop and I have started to see glimpses of the real me…..I know and feel it when something makes me truly happy, it sits “right” with me, I FEEL good about it, I feel proud, I feel honest, I know that I have acted in love. Even if it is something that is a little challenging..I feel strong and committed to it. So now I have decided to go with this and everyday I will make decisions, choices and reactions that FEEL and sit right within me. If I am unsure, I will take a deep breath and give it some thought. This week I have tried to pay attention to specific moments that felt right. You know those moments that give you that warm fuzzy feeling, moments that make you smile, moments that just feel good deep down. I believe that these moments are our insights into the our true self. Hopefully this process will uncover the real me.  This is what I discovered about myself so far:

  • My daughter and I were making funny faces and laughing….I adore my daughter.
  • My son told me that I had dirt on my face and wiped it off for me..I adore my son
  • My hubby shared a cuppa and a nice chat….I love my hubby
  • I caught up with my sister for a day….I adore my sister and my family
  • We have a new puppyI love animals
  • My boss and I had a really good chat…I really enjoy interacting with others
  • I helped a lady with her shopping…. I really enjoy helping others and I am thoughtful
  • I took our older dog for a walk near our house (which is near a National Park)……I adore nature and where I live

This is just the tip of the iceberg for me. I plan to seek out many more “real me” moments and try to piece them together to become “ME”….. Do you know what I truly believe??? That when we are our true self that we are at our absolute best…I beleive that we are strong, healthy, loving, kind, thoughtful, grateful, positive and ready to live life. So here’s to life and living it at our best!

Do you know the real you?  Do you have moments where you cringe and know that you are not being true to yourself? What truly makes you feel good?  I would love you to share your thoughts on this with me……..

4 responses to “When are you being true to yourself????

  1. Love this! So often it seems when someone does something considered negative people will say “oh now we’re seeing the real person.” How much better for us all to see our real self and that of others in the positive things we bring to and experience in the world.

  2. So true Opulent frugality! The real us…is loving, true, kind, forgiving, accepting and so much more. All negative aspects are fear or ego! Here’s to positivity and finding our true selfs! Thanks for you comments!

  3. I love this post Michelle, thanks for sharing with us on this. I read and re-read what you have written and reflected on it and I could really relate. I often wonder how do other people see me and how do I see myself? I love those moments when you are in pure bliss and for me those moments are not found in a shopping centre or in some materialistic pursuit but those moments where you see something amazing in nature or when I feel that amazing pure and deep love for my son the times when my husband and I are connected and loving to each other, holding my elderly mums hand and looking at her aged and beautiful face. I try to be authentic in my life and as I have grown older I believe I have grown more like my true self. Love and Peace x

  4. Lovely words Kakadoodle! It is truly those heart felt moments that show the real you! That is when you know that you are alive and true….and for me that is the key to being authentic, healthy and happy. Thanks always love to hear from you!

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