Are you a little bit controlling? I only like blue that a problem? I only like blue that a problem?

Do you have to be in control?   Do you get stressed and uncomfortable if you are not running things?  Of course we all need some control in our lives but if we need too much control it can actually cause us a lot of stress. 

We need to be able to bend and flex, to adapt to change, listen to others, let others have their say and let others do things their way. It is one thing to control yourself but do you interfere and try to control others.  This can cause a lot of stress because relationships are tested and put under immense pressure. When we try to control others we are undermining their choices, sending the message that we know best and that they know least.  Of course we can share our thoughts, if asked but we need to take a step back to let other’s make their own choices.  I always try to remember that we are on different paths and need to make different choices….we are not all living the same life. We need to create our own way and be true to ourselves.

Do you find it hard to let other’s make their own way? Do you feel stressed if you are not in full control? What tips do you have to let go and let others be? Do you have people in your life that try to control you? Love to hear from you….


2 responses to “Are you a little bit controlling?

  1. Lizzie Maguire

    I LOVE to be in control and do find it hard to palm off work, house duties and other things as I feel that it’s not going to be done right unless I do it!! Over the years I have let some things go but it still is hard. For example, if I ask hubby or our daughter to vacuum, it gets done but not properly and I can’t feel relaxed about it and will go over it, so I should have done it myself in the first place! See what I mean??? So I have to learn to let it go and so what if it isn’t perfect at least I didn’t have to do it!! And I also think the longer you have been in control the harder it is to let go, so baby steps at a time I think………anyone else????

  2. I hear what you are saying…..I am thinking this may be a universal “women’s” issue??? We can become overwhelmed by chores and get snitchy because we have so much on our plate. Our need for things to be “perfect” can create a much bigger workload for ourselves. Maybe certain jobs can be ours,(the ones that we have to have done to a certain standard) and the ones that we are not so fussed about pass on. No point doing it all, feeling tired, grumpy and resentful. That can be the problem with our controlling ways…we end up doing it all! Guess what…no one else is even going to know if the floors were done perfectly or not. Sometimes we put way too much pressure on ourselves. We also teach those around us that we will do everything and that there is no point them even trying to help. We need to take care of ourselves, accept help and maybe sometimes drop our standards a little?????

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