How do you talk to others?

Stop talking at me! It makes me sad!

Stop talking at me! It makes me sad!

How do you talk to others? Is your language positive and supportive? Do you have a calm tone? Do you actually listen to others before you talk? Would others think that you actually care about them and what they are saying by the way you interact with them? Do you find that others do not respond well to you or what you have to say? Now as I have said many a time, no one is perfect and we all have had times where we have communicated poorly. We may have been domineering,  patronising, negative, grumpy, over the top, insensitive, looked like we are not listening or even been down right rude. But this week’s challenge is to pay attention to how we communicate with those around us? In particular those closest to us……..

Research has shown that we are happiest when we are positively engaging with others.  So do you positively engage with others and would you say that you do it on a daily basis? I know I feel way happier when my relationships are running along smoothly and I feel pretty crappy when they are not.

Studies have shown successful companies use more positive words with staff than companies that have failed. I truly believe that we get more from colleagues when we communicate with respect and understanding.   Studies have also shown that marriages that tend to go the distance have a much more engaging, inclusive and supportive way of talking with each other. For those of us who are parents we know how challenging communication can be at times and that we have all lost it, spat the dummy and yelled at our children. We all know that they can be frustrating little critters at times. I know that we always get more from our teens when we treat them with respect and actually listen to them…(sometimes I find it damn near impossible, but I’ll keep trying). When I ask our children why they like their favourite teachers they will always tell me that feel that the best teachers respect, care and listen to them. They don’t mind if the teacher is a bit strict or makes them work hard, they just want to be treated with respect and feel like the teacher actually cares about them and their job.

So this week pay attention to how you communicate…. Listen to yourself and your words, would you be happy if someone spoke to you in the manner that you use with them? What body language are you displaying……is it open and engaging or closed and negative? How do you communicate with those closest to you? Are you sometimes negative, dismissive or too busy to listen? Are you approachable? Really pay attention and see what you find….could you do things differently? Could you be more positive?

Remember these sayings as you are out there conversing with others…… “You catch more flys with honey than with vinegar” and my all time favourite “Treat others how you want to be treated”

So I would love to hear how you go…..please share??????

2 responses to “How do you talk to others?

  1. jacqui ryding

    What a difference a day makes… a positive word goes a long way and the right word at the right time can change lives.
    Keep up your inspirational insights as they are like a light in a dark tunnel.

  2. Thank you Jacqui…….and you are exactly spot on when you say “the right word at the right time can change lives” Lovely to hear from you!

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