I just want to be me!

Please just let me by myself!

Why can’t I just be myself?

Okay…so my first of the month reality check’s are getting later and later! Sorry I have been a wee bit busy lately.

This month I want to focus on YOU…the real YOU!  Are you yourself? Do you act, speak and live authentically?  Why do so many of us feel the need to “keep us with the Jones’s”, to be people pleases, feel responsible for other’s feelings or feel that we must act in certain ways to “fit in”. Do you find yourself in positions where you know that you are not being true to yourself? Do you make some decisions based on other’s feelings and not your own? Do you say/do one thing but honestly deep down think another?

Let’s say I came to your house…I went into your wardrobe and threw out half of your clothes…next I go to your Ipod, (Cd collection for us oldies), and changed all of your music to what I like…..next I go to your fridge and put in the food I like and chuck out all of your favourite foods. Are you getting cranky yet??? Next I tell you that I really just don’t like your style of furnishings and that we need to do a complete overhaul….surely by now you are feeling uncomfortable and I am pretty sure that you are not liking me very much.  So, by now are you thinking that it is not okay for me to try to change you?…it is not okay for me to try to fit you into my mould?….you know what? You are right…….so why is it then, that we let people change us throughout our entire life? Why do we lose, hide or deny our authentic self and conform to those around us.  We are all unique! We are created to live our own individual life and experience our own unique experiences. If we listen to our inner voice, our true self, our intuition, our gut feelings than surely we are going to honor ourself and live the life intended, our happiest life!

Why not make this the month of living authentically? Start being you. You know that outfit  that you love but just haven’t been brave enough to wear….wear it!  You know that song you just want to rock out to….dance to it like a rock star! You know that book that you have been thinking of but everyone says it’s crap….read it!  You know that class/course/hobby that you have wanted to take but haven’t? Do it! You know that room you want to rearrange to your style? Change it! Be thoughtful in your actions, words and thoughts, really know that each step you take is truly your own. Make decisions and choices that “feel right”, start to get in touch with YOU…..your life will start to bloom.

This is a real work in progress…it won’t happen overnight, but any steps taken to find the true you are going to be well worth it! Let’s get real and let’s get authentic! Please let me know how you are going? Let me know of some of the changes that you have made to find the real you?


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