Could be good……could be bad????

So how could this be good???

So how could this be good???

Life can be great and quite frankly at times it  can really suck! They say that we are never given more than we can’t handle but I know at times, we feel like we are being tested to the nth degree and have no idea how we might get through.

Now a little faith….. in love , in life, in humanity is what gets me through. But I am also a firm believer that we are put on this planet to learn and just like at school, some lessons are interesting and fun and some lessons we would much rather skip altogether. So next time you are struggling, stressed out, going through a bad patch read this story and I hope it gives you a little hope……

“A long time ago, A farmer awoke one morning to plough his fields finding that his one and only horse had run away. When his neighbours heard, they rushed to his home asking “What are you going to do and how are you going to plough your fields for the upcoming crop? “. He replied only with: “Could be good, could be bad.

A few days later, he awoke to the sounds of horses. Walking outside, he not only saw his horse had returned, but it had brought numerous others back as well. His horse had found some friends and brought them home. The farmer now had multiple horses to plough the fields instead of just one.

The next summer, the farmer’s only barn caught fire and burnt to the ground. His neighbours once again rushed to his farm to view the charred remains, asking him “What will you do? You have no place to store your horses, your hay, nor your equipment.“. The farmer replied calmly, “Could be good, could be bad.

The few days later, the farmer arose to the sounds of hammers, saws and voices. Walking outside, he found his whole community gathered together, rebuilding his barn. The new barn was far larger and sturdier than the old one.

A few years later, his son was working in the hay loft of the barn. He slipped and fell to the ground floor, breaking his leg badly. When his neighbours heard, they came to see how his son was doing saying, “How will you harvest the crop this year without your son’s help? What will you do?” The farmer once again calmly replied, “Could be good, and could be bad.

The farmer worked hard that year to harvest the crop, harder than he ever had. He worked from early in the morning to late in the evening while his son laid mending. During that time, the civil war started. All of the older boys in the surrounding country side were called to duty to fight; his son however was not due to his broken leg. Many of those boys never returned home.”

I have no idea who wrote it, so if anyone knows please let me know. Makes you think, doesn’t it????

I have definitely had things had in my life that have knocked me for a six but have realised at a later date that the situation I thought had been a curse, actually turned out to be a blessing of sorts. If only at times we had a crystal ball to know that everything would turn out okay, evetually. Sadly we do not have that luxury……. so faith, strength and support are needed in bucket loads to get us through.

What do you think? Has this sort of thing happened to you? What gets you through tough times? Love to hear from you……….


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