What do you want????

I want that bone.....

I want that bone…..

Do you have a “wants list”? Actually wipe that question…we all have a wants list!(For the purpose of this post I am NOT talking about material things!)

We might want to lose weight; or want to be more organised; maybe you want to exercise more; or you want to eat healthier; you want to be happier; you want to change jobs or get more job fulfilment; you might want more sleep; or want to have less stress; you may want to have better relationships …….you know how it goes.

So what do you want?

Now, there is no point wanting something and wondering why it is not happening for you, if you are not doing anything to make it happen. Guess what, if you say you want something but you act as if you don’t, then it will not happen. What the???? You ask.  Okay, so I want to lose a couple of kilos but I also want to eat chocolate and lately the “chocolate want” beats my “lose weight want”….so guess what I hear myself saying….”Oh woe is me, I can’t seem to lose weight”. Now there is no point wanting something if you are not willing to put yourself out there, to make it happen, to work on it. We really need to get our head in the right space. We need our will power to kick in, we need to acknowledge what we REALLY want and do something to make it happen. Let’s pretend we want our oven to be clean….we don’t make a wish, click our heels 3 times, turn around and magically our oven is clean. We have to prepare for it, make a time to do it, buy the products to clean it and DO IT! Our wants list is no different. We have to know what it is we REALLY want and then think, plan, act, believe and live it.

Now I know change can be daunting but it can also be really exciting and invigorating. What do you want to change but have not really made any effort to work on? What do you really want? We just can’t pay lip service to our wants, we have to say what we want and live as if we really want it. That is how the law of attraction works. You think it, believe it, feel it and live it.

What can you do to make yourself healthier and happier? What is it that you are willing to make changes for?  Make your thoughts, feelings and actions reflect your words…….

I’d love to hear from you….don’t be shy….let me know what you think???



2 responses to “What do you want????

  1. At the end of the day, I want to say I have enjoyed my life.
    So I make the most of every day. I make time for my dear friends, and I always try to think positive, even when life gets a bit heavy, I always see the bright side.

  2. HI Cherie,

    What a wonderful outlook you have on life!
    Having a positive mindset really is one of the most powerful and helpful
    ways to approach a happy life!
    Thanks fo your comments!

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