It’s all about the feeling!

I always feel like I don't fit in....I feel so shy!

I always feel like I don’t fit in….I feel so shy!

Following on from our “Law of Attraction” lessons, I thought that the following scenarios might help us to better understand this theory and it’s complexities.  The law of attraction is not easy to understand and really involves us knowing what we really FEEL!, deep down.  How we feel is so much more important than what we say and even what we do. Our true feelings will alter the course of our lives, what we achieve, our relationships, our highs and our lows………..

Have you ever said that you really wanted something but deep down were really afraid of actually achieving it? Many of us can admit to the fear of failure but many of us also have a fear of success as well. Do any of these situations sound familiar to you……

“I want to be in a loving relationship”…….but deep down you feel scared or unworthy?

“I want a new career/job”…but deep down you feel underqualified, scared of change, the timing might not feel right or you actually may feel comfortable where you are?

“I want to win tattslotto”….but actually feel that having that much money would be scary, that you would be really worried how to share out your money with friends/relatives, be really worried about leaving your job as you may let people down, or you may just have general negative feelings toward money?

“I want to be happy” but on the inside you don’t feel enough love for yourself to allow happiness to find you?

“I want to be fit/eat better/look after myself better” but deep down feel that you are not strong enough, not worthy enough and are scared of failing?

“I want to be more positive”….but really enjoy the feeling of others giving you sympathy and worrying about you when you tell them about your issues?

“I want more friends and a better social life”….but feel shy, intimidated by others and afraid of putting yourself out their?

“I want to be more organised”….but actually feel that having a lot going on in your life makes you feel busy and worthy. I have a friend who told me that feeling so busy gave her an adrenaline rush that she actually enjoyed…..but also stressed her out so much that she grinded her jaws to the point of needing major dental work!

Many of our feelings about ourselves come from such a young age and are hard to change. Many of the feelings we have are untrue and unhelpful but as long as we FEEL them, they will be a large part of our lives. Lip service means nothing when it comes to the law of attraction it is how we FEEL that counts.  We need to take a deep look at ourselves, take an in-depth search into our feelings,(true or not), to find out what is really going on with our lives. How can we change our feeling to reflect what we want? If we want love, we need to feel that we deserve love, we need to feel loveable, we need to feel open to the possibilities and that we can have successful and positive relationships.  Now saying that we feel it and truly feeling are two completely different things…..and that is the key to the law of attraction. We need to work in our own way to find out what we truly feel, recognise how we came to that feeling and if the need is there to change that feeling to better reflect what we really want from life, than we need to work on ourselves to actually change that feeling. Our feelings need to support us, nurture us and allow us to live more positively and authentically.  Negative, untrue feelings need to be worked with and over time healed.

Are you willing to take a deep look into some of your feelings? Are you ready to make some positive changes? I would love to hear from you?


2 responses to “It’s all about the feeling!

  1. Lizzie Maguire

    I was just talking about this with a friend 5 minutes before reading this and we were asking each other the same thing!! What do we want??? It’s really hard to REALLY know what we truly want, but I want to be more sociable (and if you knew me you’d be going “What the….”) I am a very sociable person in life and at work but we have lived interstate for over 6 years now and I haven’t made the effort to make more friends. There are definately possibilities there but I am not making the effort to turn these into great friendships!! I’m being very lazy yet complaining at the same time!! OK it’s time Michelle………..I will do it!!! THANKS 🙂

  2. It is really hard to know what we truly want! If we take the time and really ask ourselves what it is that we really want, take note of our feelings and thoughts,( not others thoughts but our own), I truly believe that our true feelings will rise to the surface. I agree Lizzie it is a tough one but getting to know our real self is vital to improve our happiness. If you truly want to make new friends it will happen! You are an awesome friend!

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