Run your own race…….

My advice little ones is to do your own thing...don't follow the pack!

My advice little ones is to do your own thing…don’t follow the pack!

Welcome to August! It is time for our first of the month reality check!

I was watching an interview with Bronte Barratt, an Australian Olympic swimmer who has just won a Bronze medal in the London Olympics and when asked what advice she would give her younger team members she replied that she tells them to……..

swim their own race, not to worry about the others and just do their own thing. This is one of my favourite new mottos in life. I now choose to run my own race and have made a conscious decision to let others do their own thing. Concerning ourselves with everyone elses business can be quite negative, stressful and soul-destroying. Wondering why others can do things better, have more money, seem luckier, have more friends, seem happier, are thinner, are more attractive, have better jobs etc can breed jealously, stress, insecurity, gossiping ways, depression and can alienate us from others. We are all individuals and are here to “run our own race” and to experience our very own unique lives.  Let go of the desire to compare your life to others….live your life, nurture yourself and make choices for you that FEEL true and right for you!

How about making this month the month to stop comparing, stop judging and be yourself! Remember COMPARE=DESPAIR! Make choices and decisions that feel right for you, from the heart….let others be and do their thing and start to RUN YOUR OWN RACE!

Do you run your own race? Let me know?

9 responses to “Run your own race…….

  1. Now that is wonderfully refreshing. I think Ill stick “run your own race” to my mirror or steering wheel for a while, so at the beginning of each day I can be reminded of such a simple treasure.

  2. Amazing how a few simple words can say so much! Thanks for you comments Kerrie….lovely to hear from you again. Great idea about sticking those words up as a reminder!

  3. Lizzie Maguire

    Good idea Kerrie!! I think as we get older we seem to not compare as much and realise how lucky we are!! But to put it this way “Run your own race” is GREAT!! Also a great way to help the kids growing up. It sounds like an exciting journey!!

  4. Yes Lizzie….this is a great one to teach our children. All too often our children can get disheartened by comparing themselves to others. Hopefully we can help our young ones to Run their own race and realise that they are unique and special.

  5. tensegritycoaching

    I find myself trying to balance my desire to run my own race with my interest in connecting with other people. I like to run my own race with company.

  6. Yes I am the same tensegrity! I would happily list one of my all time favourite things to do as spending time with those that I care about and those that care about me. I realise that we are all mean’t to be ourselves and I truly believe that when you are being your true self that you are way more fun and interesting to be around. So here’s cheers to being happy, running our own race and being with friends and family!

  7. I usually run my own race, but sometimes I forget. Thanks for the reminder!

  8. No probs Oil and Garlic….yes I often need reminding too!

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