What are you thinking?

Sometimes I get so confused......

Sometimes I get so confused……

Wow! An entire month has passed between posts. I have been so busy and had not even realised…….Well it is 1st of the month reality check time again! This month I would like to remind us all of how powerful our mind and our thoughts can be. The thoughts we have can be like a supportive friend or an unhelpful foe.  Our thoughts can keep us strong, get us through or keep us down and allow negativity to seep in. What sort of state is your mind in at the moment??  

Is it a busy freeway with traffic zooming in all directions or calm and collected? Is your mind having a pity party and allowing negative thoughts to attend or are you thinking in a glass half full manner? Are you in control or have no control over your thoughts? Are you thinking in a grateful light or a “poor me” state? Are your thoughts mainly positive or generally negative? Are your thoughts confused and scattered or purposeful and filled with clarity? Are you being rational about issues or are your thoughts taking you in a more unrealistic direction?

I find that when I am looking after myself, having time to myself, being grateful and doing what I love my mind is at it’s best. I suppose you could liken it to eating healthily and feeling good. We must take time to nourish and nurture our minds and thoughts to be positive, be happy, to be strong and to be at our best.

Our minds can be a real asset in building resilience and getting us through all manner of situations. Our thoughts and self talk can have a massive impact of our coping skills, our self-image, our self-confidence, our overall health, wellbeing and happiness. So it is time to ask ourselves….how are we travelling? Are our minds/thoughts being helpful and supportive or hindering us at the moment? Are we feeling stressed,overwhelmed or on top of things? What can we do to improve our thoughts?

I would love to hear from you to know how you keep your mind/ thoughts in check and what you do to “keep it together”?


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