A change is as good as a holiday……..

I love my new toy!

I love my new toy!

Time for our first of the month reality check! A time where we take stock and be a little reflective…..

Ever heard that saying  “A change is as good as a holiday”?  Well I am a firm believer in this one.  I just came to the realisation that I have been doing a bit of Spring cleaning in my life lately and really enjoying the changes.   We can definitely improve our happiness by making a few changes in our life. We all have those annoying, niggly things in life that bother us, so why not change some of them, if you can? What can you change to make life a little smoother, less stressful, less annoying and more enjoyable?

Now I am not suggesting that getting a new toy, is all it takes to make you happy, not at all. After the shine of that new toy wears off we are back to feeling BLAH! again.   However, for those areas in our lives that bother us or are on our mind on a daily or weekly basis, surely we can make some changes to improve? Now some of my changes have been very simple……Spring has sprung and I have started walking daily again which makes me feel way better.  I am back at my much-loved Zumba classes which I sadly missed for 6 weeks, back to jumping around to loud music which always make me smile. I bought one of my old favourite perfumes, just smelling it makes me feel happy.  I have bought a few new clothes that I love and gotten rid of some clothes that I never wore. I have tidied up the garden a little and done some sorting out inside the house.

Some of my changes have been bigger and more difficult but well worth it…..I have changed my job and am enjoying the new challenges and learning lots of interesting things. We have completely changed our telephone/internet/mobile phone provider which we had been with for ages and was a source of frustration for me over the past couple of years. It took a month in total and was painful but it is all done and I feel a load lifted from my mind. All of theses things had been on my mind and at different times were causing me stress and concern…….NOT ANY MORE!  I am on a roll and have a couple of other things to sort but otherwise I am feeling a bit renewed and refreshed!

What in your life needs a change?  Why not make a list? Start with simple, easily achievable things and work your way up!  It may be as simple as tidying a room, or going for a walk……….go on! You can do it! Please let me know what you are going to change or have changed?????

Remember a change is as good as a holiday!


2 responses to “A change is as good as a holiday……..

  1. Ah, so true. Sometimes you just need to be reminded of the obvious things that in the business of life – you forget.
    It is better to remove the rock from your shoe, rather than learn how to limp comfortably.

  2. “It is better to remove the rock from your shoe, rather than learn how to limp comfortably”….Love that saying Kerrie…..that says it all in a nutshell! Thanks for popping in.

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