Do you talk to yourself???

I tell myself that no one likes me! it makes me sad!

I tell myself that no one likes me! it makes me sad!

They say that the first sign of madness is talking to yourself…..well that makes me Super Duper Crazy.  The only times that I am not talking to myself is when I am chatting with others, when I am asleep or when I am fully concentrating on something. I sort of thought this would be fairly normal???? Please tell me it is? Do you talk to yourself?? I suppose some may call it talking to themselves and others may call it thinking?? Whichever way I suspect that we all do it.

The question is not so much are you doing it, but what are you saying to yourself when you do?  Now I break it down to two types of thinking  :                                                                           1. Organisational/planning type thoughts: “what did I need to buy for dinner tonight?” and “what can I do to resolve this issue?”  Etc                               OR     2.  Self talk type thoughts:  “I don’t fit in here” “Why don’t they like me?” Etc

The area that is prone to negativity and self sabotage is Self talk. I will give you a hypothetical ……..You are out to lunch with a really good friend and during the course of conversation they tell you “You are looking quite chubby in that outfit” “Your hair looks dull today” “Your job is really not as good as mine” “You just don’t fit in when we go out” etc etc. How bad would you feel? You would be gutted. Then, tell me this???…….Why is it okay for us to use such negative self talk to ourselves?  Shouldn’t we talk to ourselves like a best friend? If anyone should love and care about us shouldn’t it be ourselves?   Have a think about what you say to yourself about you.  Are your thoughts about you realistic, positive and supportive or negative, untrue and unsupportive? Next time you have a negative thought about yourself, STOP think about what you are saying, and remind yourself that you would not like a friend to say it to you, so don’t say it to yourself.  Change your thoughts and be more encouraging to yourself! To sum it up…we are all going to talk to ourselves, that’s ok!  Let’s just make sure that we try to keep our self thoughts/talk much more optimistic and helpful.  Let’s encourage ourselves as we would a friend or loved one.

It reminds me of the words to a famous Eagles Song: TAKE IT EASY   “Don’t let the sound of your own wheels drive you crazy” Sometimes we allow our own thoughts to drive us nuts, so why not try to change this?

I would love to hear you opinion /thoughts on this one? Please drop  me a line to let me know what you think?

3 responses to “Do you talk to yourself???

  1. Inspirational…

  2. Hell to the yes! Carried on various conversations with myself virtually all the way home yesterday. I also sing to myself sometimes.

  3. Same here! I talk, sing, discuss and even tell myself off! If we can try to make our self talk positive than I think that chatting to ourselves is fine and even helpful!

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